Tuesday, February 18, 2020


As we all know that summers are almost here and people incline to play with colors when it comes to getting dressed in this weather. However, if you are one of those people who admire white color when it comes to apparel then surely this Blanche jacket is an all made attire for you. Summer fetches with it an opportunity to get the maximum out of our lives with so many adrenaline-pumping activities like beach parties, picnics, etc. it is very imperative to get dressed in correspondence with the demands of weather conditions.

Leatherjacket4 has designed a Blanche women leather jacket by using premium quality leather in white color that is internally overlaid with easy-going and comfortable cotton lining to provide you an additional layer of coziness that also allows the jacket to fall on your body contours efficiently and extravagantly. Blanche leather jacket is unquestionably a classic piece that is made idiosyncratic by the fact that it features a seamed pattern on its sleeves and sides. It has a pretty nice round collar with a curved strap that exaggerates the allure of the jacket to a subsequent level.


If you are concerned about where to keep your possessions so you won’t have to be in a hassle then have a look at the capacious handwarmer pockets featured by the Blanche women white leather jacket that permit you to keep all your belongings close to you. Moreover, the modest and sleek style of the jacket makes it adaptable to any event be it a casual gathering or a formal occasion, it never ceases to rock. The white color of Blanche women’s leather jacket aids in magnifying the versatility of this jacket that empowers you to carry it with a diversity of clothes combination.

The Blanche white women leather jacket is certainly an epitome of comfort and style. No matter where you are heading to, this Blanche leather jacket is a top-tier pick that renders you with a fascinating look that leaves an ever-lasting impression on everyone watching you. The jacket is accessible with a 20% discount on https://www.leatherjacket4.com/ . So, have your hands on this astounding article and cause a stir in the village because you deserve to be valued.


Thursday, February 13, 2020


This is the era of technology that has been extensively unrolled in society. People make use of technology in a variety of ways from acquiring knowledge to playing video games. I would like to discuss one of the most beloved video games launched by Sony interactive entertainment in 2018. The plot of the video game revolves around Gavin Reed, a human and three androids named Kara, Conner, and Markus. Gavin Reed has been observed serving the police department Detroit along with Chris Miller and Conner. He has strong dismay for androids and thinks of them as “Plastic prick”. The temperament of Gavin Reed is more like an enthusiastic and overbearing with little or no emotional control.
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In the video game “Gavin Reed Detroit becomes human”, Gavin Reed has been seen carrying a gorgeous brown jacket with a nice substantial hood at the back. People get equally aroused by the attire of gaming characters as thy relish the video game itself. The jacket perfectly elucidates the cynosure of Gavin Reed as per his role in the video game. A wide population of people started trolling in market places to have their hands on this adrenaline-pumping jacket. Here, it won’t be erroneous to claim that this particular jacket is an ultimate depiction of less is more.
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 Leatherjacket4 has manufactured a Gavin Reed Detroit become human leather jacket by getting stimulation from the above-mentioned video game. The Gavin Reed Detroit jacket has been stitched by using supreme quality leather in a brownish tone that has been decorated with perforated fabric and double stitched detailing so as to make it look precisely like the one worn by Gavin Reed. It is internally lined with soft and sumptuous viscose quilted lining to provide you a satisfactory encounter. The two handwarmer pockets render the outfit with sufficient capacity allowing you to keep your belongings on the go. To guard your high impact areas, it has a hood that lifts up your entire look.

The character of Gavin Reed is so much engaging the gamers won’t miss the opportunity to grasp a jacket that has been originated by virtue of this game. The Gavin Reed Detroit men's leather jacket is hard to emulate which has been done for you by Leatherjacket4. Wear this jacket confidently on any occasion as it won’t prove to be worthless in complimenting your outfit that you are going to wear underneath. The Gavin Reed hoodie jacket is a real investment piece that is highly adaptable so you don’t have to think a lot before draping it for any event.  

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Shine With A Warm Hue Of Leona Lewis Faux Fur Leather Jacket

Leona Lewis was a popular British songwriter, vocalist, actress, model, and activist. She was born in London on April 3, 1985. She is promptly a publicly-known figure by virtue of her multi-talented character. She accomplished global remembrance after winning the third season of “The X Factor, 2006”. Her triumph progressed with the release of her debut album “Spirit” in 2007 after which she dragged herself up on the pavement leading to prosperity.   She was a woman of character with towering aspirations and her performance in every domain is truly above and beyond. The struggles she put forward to prove herself manifest that she is a role model and front-runner in our society.

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She has been honored not only because of the attributes she holds in her character but also on behalf of the way she gets draped. A well-carried attire serves as your additional skin that says a lot about your cynosure. She always dressed to nines no matter where she is. On one occasion she has been seen displaying a stunning mustard-colored leather jacket with high-stand faux fur collar. That was certainly a fit framing her personality gorgeously. A wide percentage of people relished that particular mustard leather jacket. To them, the Leona Lewis leather jacket is an ultimate epitome of convenience and vogue.


Leatherjacket4 has designed a Leona-Lewis leather jacket by getting stimulation from Leona Lewis. The jacket has been stitched by using premium quality leather in a mustard hue. The Leona Lewis faux fur leather jacket has been internally overlaid with smooth and sumptuous viscose quilted lining to grant you a satisfactory encounter and a perfect fit. Without having a comfortable fit, the investment you pour into a good quality leather goes all in vain. High stand collar followed by a zipper closure with snaps keeps you high-impact areas like neck and chest warm. Two chest pockets with flaps and two handwarmer pockets with zipper render the Leona Lewis women's jacket with sufficient capacity enabling you to keep your belongings anytime close to you so you won’t have to face any hassle. Moreover, the seamed striped detailing all over the Leona Lewis faux fur women jacket makes it even more beguiling and eye-catching.

              womens-shearling-biker-r.jpg (450×565)


You can always rely on this classic article of clothing as it possesses all the requisite features needed to intensify your gratitude. There is a vast variety of jackets in the market but the captivating allure encapsulated in the Leona Lewis leather jacket speaks for itself. It could be carried with a diversity of clothes combination and works best with blue skinny jeans. Get your hands on this jacket, savor the versatility it has and wear it confidently because you deserve to be commended.

Monday, February 10, 2020


When we talk about fashion apparel, there’s no way neglecting leather vests. Vests are basically essential pieces of clothing for motorcyclists, metalheads, members of a particular gang or musicians. The good thing about leather vests is that they keep the body considerably warm without being girthy and hefty. A vest may signify an individual in a group of people and can expose a lot about the nature of that person. Whenever you go to a party or a bar, you might have seen some freaks broadcasting their vests confidently.

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Harley Davidson leather vests are well-recognized like all the other products of Harley Davidson. I must admit and make clear that the apparel designed by Harley Davidson company, either Harley Davidson leather jackets or Harley Davidson mens leather vest never ceases to cause a stir in a village no matter where ever you betake yourself. Despite being a predilection of biker, these leather vests could be put into anyone’s service. We have a huge plethora of Harley-Davidson leather motorcycle jackets but it would always be a glee to put afresh things in your service.

LeatherJacket4 has manufactured a Harley Davidson leather vest for men by using supreme quality leather that has been internally overlaid by using soft and subtle viscose quilted lining to provide a comfortable fit and ultimate warmth which offers exceptional insulation in cold. It is designed in such a way so as to replicate the features to a pretty natural and possible extent. It has a small logo on the front and a large characteristic logo at the back that read “Harley Davidson motorcycles”. This logo has substantially proved to be a milestone in making the attire dominant and tempting. Moreover, the two chest pockets and two handwarmer pockets make Harley Davidson leather vest capacious enough to keep your chattels and belongings with you any time.

It wouldn’t be mistaken to confess that the Harley Davidson jackets are absolute beacons to stimulate fashion enthusiasts. If you want to stay stylish yet being warm and cozy then this leather vest is an all made article for you in winters and fall. If you are the one glorified by the joy of riding and want to be praised in hundreds of people that you ought to buy a Harley-Davidson vest for yourself.  


Monday, February 3, 2020


The time of the year is here! the joyous winter season is upon us and brought with it a bewildering chance to look trendy and distinctive. A leather jacket is indubitably the most adaptable attire being in demand for a very long time. There are a great many advantages of leather jackets which you can play upon to maximize your charm thereby having a suppleness to experiment and modify your outfits. leather jackets have the aptitude to make you look classy in an instant. There are droves of leather jackets available in market places but you need to come down in favor of the one that is in line with your wishes and suits you the best. 

    Handsome bearded man in leather jacket and sun glasses. Premium Photo

Do you think well about going to work on a heavy bike? Fantastic! Because you are in the right place to find where you can find a jewel in the crown. While riding a bike you can go with a leather biker jacket without a scrap of uncertainty. The prime motive of motorcycle leather jackets is to provide protection to your body with a bit of trendiness and sophistication into the bargain. LeatherJacket4, by good fortune and deliberate efforts, is becoming one of those admirable and trustworthy brands that buyers can rely on confidently.  They come up with the highest quality leather derived from the first layer of animal skin and bring forth the top-tier leather jackets in your service. 

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Recently, leatherjacket4 has designed a Brown Biker leather jacket by using elite quality leather that is derived naturally. The brown moto leather jacket is internally overspread with luxurious and lavishly appointed viscose quilted lining. You can elevate your look by wearing this biker jacket that features quilting on shoulders and upper arms. By matching it with a light-colored shirt you can always tune up your charisma. This asymmetrical distressed leather jacket will not only make you look stylish but also adds a portion of toughness in your personality. The brown biker jacket contains a chest pocket, 2 handwarmer pockets to keep your chattels and a coin pocket that complements in its beauty. It possesses wide collar with flaps having snaps enlarges its receptivity making it even more pleasing to the eye. Carrying a huge and hefty coat is of course not a canny and practical idea. Despite having bountiful invigorating features, the brown racer leather jacket is lightweight and easy to carry making it a preferred clothing item to drape over a variety of outfits. 

brown-biker-jacket-mens-r.jpg (450×565)brown-biker-jacket-mens-q.jpg (450×565)

You are always all set to modify things by carrying attractive accessories and a fancy hair job done. Every out-going person needs a leather jacket to keep himself warm all day long and it would be a feather on a hat if the jacket is biker sort of jacket. So, this winter, make sure to flaunt off your brown biker leather jacket to enhance your glamour and make people envious. This biker jacket has the ability to bring out your masculinity like no other outfit.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


An outfit doesn’t have to be weather oriented all the time. Sometimes you carry what you feel like carrying. Biker jackets are indubitably a powerful example of the preceding statement. Leather biker jackets are almost everyone’s best-loved wardrobe core essentials. If you have planned to gather some of your favorite things for the long run, then what about grasping some dazzling leather biker jackets to glamorize your strenuous life to the next level.

                    Front view of motorcyclist speeding up Free Photo

In order to rank a biker jacket in an absolutely honest perspective, it is important to consider some of its main aspects like color, quality, craftsmanship, durability, layout, and some other contemporary features. This is an indisputable actuality that leather biker jackets are going to stay with you for a long period of time. Not only this, the limitless versatility of biker jackets makes them enable to be coupled with a variety of clothes combination so you won’t have to worry about getting ready in such a hasten when you have a couple of biker jackets with you.

   A motorcyclist biking on the road. Free Photo

Initially, biker jackets were acknowledged as the simplest of all jackets. But just as the era endured progression, these biker jackets went through immense modifications and evolution that nowadays we can see some entirely novel and afresh variants of racer jackets. Whether a moto racer jacket is simple and sleek or sturdy and asymmetrical, it never ceases to render your personality with the element of allure and elegance. Biker jackets especially leather biker jackets have been expended in the fashion industry to such a degree that there will hardly be a Hollywood actor or actress who did not wear a biker jacket at least once in their whole life.  Besides, the gorgeous fit and layout they provide when fall on the body silhouettes speaks for itself.

     Handsome bearded man in leather jacket and sun glasses. Premium Photo
Putting forward these aspects, leatherjacket4 has been toiling hard for years and have manufactured a number of men biker jackets. In accordance with the demands of this modern era, conceivable amendments and alterations have continuously been taking place in these biker jackets to make them acceptable for the contemporary world. These leather biker jackets are fabricated by using premium quality leather and are robust enough to stick with you for years to come. Purchasing these moto racer biker leather jackets are going to be some of your best investments throughout your broad expenditures. Now, we would like to present in your service some of our best selling and stylish biker leather jackets that are peerless and inimitable in its own peculiar way.

                   Men leather jackets
LeatherJacket4 has devised a black cafe racer leather jacket by handling a premium quality reliable leather material in glistening black color that is superimposed with impressive inner viscose quilted lining to make your encounter adjusted and comfortable enough that every time you wear it you feel the tranquil warmth.
This blue café racer leather jacket is made by using superior quality leather in a metallic blue hue that looks super stylish when carried on almost any occasion.
Brown biker jacket is manufactured by employing the use of distressed leather in brown color to give an aesthetic vintage appearance. The jacket is made with durable leather that ensures the sturdiness and lasting of this jacket.
British biker the leather jacket is made by utilizing premium quality leather in black color that features leather designing of red and white color and stitched in a lopsided zipper manner. It is embellished with a union jack that extends from the from to one of its sleeves.  
British flag leather jacket is a top-notch choice for the people who prefer comfort and style in harmony with each other. It has been augmented with a union jack on both of its sleeves. Another important feature that stands remarkable for it is the presence of quilting over shoulders and elbows. Also, the asymmetrical zipper closure adds some vogue to it.
This jacket is made by getting inspiration from the popular musician, songwriter, and singer Tom Delonge which he carried in one of his concerts. It is embellished with an angel and airways logos and a small American flag on of its cuffs.
Aforementioned jacket is an intimidating replica of the jacket worn by Evel Knievel, a renowned stunt man. He performed ramp to ramp motorcycle tricks and was considerably cherished by the experts of that era. The jacket has stars designed on the chest, back, and hemline by ornamenting leather. A logo that says 'EK' has been crafted on the hemline as well as on straight regular sleeves. Also, there is a patch that is made as a digit '1' on one of its arms, making the attire a little chicer.
This union jack leather jacket is originated ideally for bike riders to make their journeys exultant and joyful. But you don't have to be a biker to embrace this jacket at all. Leatherjacket4 has designed a union leather jacket by using high-quality distressed leather in brown tones to make it look like a vintage commodity.
The Harley Davidson victory lane jacket contains orange and gray patch on both sides that read "HARLEY-DAVIDSON" in bold and shouting capitals and seems astonishingly appreciative and fashionable. If you are one of those sports enthusiasts that we recommend you to give it a try.
This brown cafe racer jacket is made from highly durable and light in weight lamb leather. Our craftsmanship features into nicely made stitch detailing.  
This jacket is going to be the chicest addition in your wardrobe. Finished with real lamb leather, this jacket is featured stunning red panels on shoulders and red-colored strips over its sleeves and collars. The jacket is indeed simple yet having a component of sturdiness with it.

biker jackets never halt to render you with an all eye-catching charm no matter where ever you go. Grab a biker jacket now and cause the stir in the village with your beguiling personage. 

Saturday, January 25, 2020


As we all acknowledge that valentine’s day is practically here. On this occasion, people exhibit their true love to the one they admire. Valentine’s day is peculiarly intriguing for couples of all generations as they get an opportunity to feel even more special and offbeat. The holy event is commemorated on the 14th of February and recognized to be the festival of love and romance. People give cards, presents, and flowers to their better halves and partners. Some may arrange extravagant meals like candlelight dinner to overwhelm their loved ones. The day is primarily symbolized by hearts, rosettes, and cupids.

Crop couple holding crafty heart

We all glorify Valentine’s day but do we know why? In point of fact, it got its name from the legendary saint of Rome from the third century AD. It has been speculated that Emperor Claudius II outlawed love matrimonies as he was of the viewpoint that marriages spoil the soldiers. Valentine was the one to ponder about this matter and broke the rules of Emperor which he found unfair. He planned marriages for lovers confidentially in order for them to lead a blissful life for which he had to pay a huge ransom. He had been convicted to death and imprisoned in jail where he fell in love with the daughter of one of the prisoners. He was assassinated on 14th of February and only a letter was found which he sent to his lover signed “FROM YOUR VALENTINE”

Valentines day envelope love letter with greeting card engagement ring

In the remembrance of this majestic act, the day is been honored with love and compassion. So why not give our full to contribute to this captivating cause. Rejoice the occasion with artistic outfits and leather jackets that look super chic on you and your partner can’t get his eyes off of you. We would like to introduce our huge valentine’s collection in order to make your day unforgettable and catchy. 

The jacket seems super fashionable and modish and is flawlessly fine to put on in practically any occurrence. Display it with a blend of clothes and make it your signature valentine’s day appearance.


Leather-Jacket-4 has produced a jacket that is a dazzling reproduction of a novel victory lane jacket. The jacket is stitched by using superlative quality distress cow leather to give it an antique polish. You can carry this aesthetic attire on your very special day. Also, it could be given to someone to make their day even more indelible.


Jason Todd leather jacket also called Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood Hooded Jacket is made by getting stimulation from the prevalent game Batman Arkham Knight in which Jason Todd (a fictional character) is seen wearing this jacket. If you are infuriated about having your old and scruffy clothes and want something gallant in your closet, then this jacket is picture-perfect for you. The jacket is manufactured by using red white and black leather-trimmed gorgeously with outstanding workmanship which empowers you to wear it on virtually any event revealing the heroic personality of yours.


This particular jacket is not only made for bikers but could also be worn on frequent occasions and gatherings. All in all, this outfit arouses a sense of patriotism and respect for one's motherland. Consider it a reward and layer yourself up in this beguiling attire this Valentine’s day.


The Cheryl blossom jacket is made by getting spurred by the look of the casts of the series 'Cheryl Blossom'. This jacket has a stunning red color that delivers this outfit an ultra-modern finish. Get yourself a Cheryl Blossom jacket, wear it confidently and gleam like a twinkler.


An audaciously black Once Upon a Time Emma Swan leather jacket has all ingredients to polishing your real attitude like a celebrity. Jennifer Morrison leather jacket has an overall amicable presentation – pretty reasonable for the hostile atmosphere. Besides, its angelic design could make your cynosure an all eye-catching gem wheresoever you go.


Saturated with the effectiveness of the authentic bassist of the band My Chemical Romance, this red jacket has some mood-lifting properties in the form of its glorious shades and quilting textures. This Kobra Kid jacket is worn by Mikey Way who displayed the stylish the aspect of his joyous character through this Kobra Kid Mikey Way leather jacket in the pop music video. This celebrity jacket is suitable for occasions like Valentine’s day and would harmonize charmingly with a light top and denim jeans.


the jacket is manufactured in two colors as Maroon and special addition in Red color. This outstanding guardian of the Galaxy Jacket - II is a must-to-have outfit, principally for the men who simply love to wear such apparel. The color and layout of this jacket make it a comprehensive pick for Valentine’s day.
The symbolic Kay Michael's shiny black leather jacket has now rightfully sensationalized the latest trend of women’s' wear once again. Carry this jacket with the tops of your preference as it goes well with an all-inclusive combination of clothes.


Indubitably aforementioned jacket has whimsical characteristics. It is pretty much as it seems like - Passionate and delightful. Sometimes you just don’t want to radiate the audacity despite being irresistible to leather jackets, hence we have designed an artistic combo of both which doesn’t not only comply with the hardihood of bikers due to some spiky studs around shoulders but also publicizes a loving aspect from the heart symbol on its sleeves.


Bowed lines bring graceful womanhood to a Standard jacket expertly tailored from season-spanning soft Cow leather in always-waxed polished. Get yourself a Lauren leather jacket and get ready to cause a stir.


Angel and airways jacket also designated as Tom DeLonge Angels and Airwaves Jacket is manufactured by getting an incentive from the renowned guitarist and musician 'Tom DeLonge' of the band 'angel and airways'. Tom was a commendable musician with a mystic voice. This the celebrity-inspired jacket is the best to invest in this Valentine’s day.


You can also get your personalized leather jackets with every minute detail of your preference. Brighten up your occasion with these jackets because days pass but recollections remain in the form of pictures which demand you to look incredible eh? So, stop dissipating time and order a premium quality stylish leather jacket for yourself.