Tuesday, April 2, 2019

5 Leather Jacket Styles You Must Carry In This Winter

April 02, 2019 3

Your winter collection is incomplete without a sleek piece of a black leather jacket. It is a great way to add the element of luxury in your personality. Leather jackets make a strong statement of style and it is the easiest way to enhance your look and style. A high-quality leather jacket is deemed as men’s favorite outfit. From biker jackets to bomber leather jackets, no matter which one is your favorite, our men’s leather jacket collection is the go-to add-on for your wardrobe.

Real leather comes with its natural rigidity but if it is professionally processed and crafted then it becomes the lasting investment as leather jackets will keep serving you warmth for many years to come without losing its appealing appearance. Leather jacket has been an iconic style for men for decades and now it has become the modern wardrobe essential and symbol of luxe. There are many styles of men’s leather jacket, each defines its own flair to reflect your personality and fashion statement with varying colors and unique designs.  

Men’s Leather jackets are comfortable and easy to wear outwear for any casual occasion. Here is a guide for all fashion followers about 5 leather jacket style you must carry in this winter.

The winter is coming, and you need to update your wardrobe but we know, it might not be a good idea to stuffed you wardrobe with some overly boring bulky sweaters and sweatshirts, rather you take it as an opportunity to add some really awesome styles of leather jackets which are not only warm but equally versatile to be paired with any outfit.

        1) Faux Fur Leather Jacket

Faux fur jackets have been popular for their luxurious features and whole lots of grace. Fur detailing can truly enhance the look of your leather jacket. Faux fur is usually sewn around the edges of collars for a super classy touch. A fur collar jacket isn’t merely about style but it also conveys the sensationalizing warmth to your neck for ultimate comfort.

          2) The Zipper Embellishments

The best way to style your winter days with a touch of edgy and chic is to get a zipper-embellished leather jacket. Zipper adornments are particularly given to leather biker jackets, but now it has been used in many other types of leather jackets. You can go with any zipper style you wish to show up in a little bit of grungy way. Moreover, the stud detailing and metal accessories would be the next thing you wish to include to achieve the look of a rockstar.

3) Tie Belt Leather Jacket

Be tidy in this winter with the addition of belted hem leather jacket to elevate your style. Leather Jackets with tie belt around waist-line supply defining silhouette to your body as it provides an extra adjustment that will keep you warm and effortlessly classic. So give it a try by keeping fully tied hem belt for more polished personae or leave it dropped for more casual style.

      4) Custom Patched Jackets

Patches look super casual on any outfit you wear. You may also choose a leather jacket with such patch-work all over it. At LeatherJacket4, you are all set to design custom patch jackets just the way you want, it can be some random logos or just creative embellishments, we do it with the traditional fashion with needle and threads. Adding such patches on your leather jacket would raise your winter style more youthful. So, don’t hesitate to enjoy this winter with unique customization of patch jackets.

     5) Long Leather Coat

Long leather coats have taken up the style for peak winter days. Its elongated silhouette thoroughly covers your body and forms the flattery posture that you always wish to have. These long coats give the cleaner finish to your outfits and long waistline takes the command of winter fashion.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Kids Leather Jackets | The Adorable Collection For Teenage Boys & Girls

February 20, 2019 6

Let’s talk about the lovely closet collection for kids, which is one of the integral parts of your child’s wardrobe. These little boys and girls are equally fashionable like adults. They know how to dress and pretty well aware regarding the trending fashion. It is not always you get them some sweet colorful clothes but there are times when they demand something more adventurous and strikingly stylish ensembles. So they cannot run out of the race of style with their friends.

Leather jackets for kids are stylish and fun clothing. It not only gives the ultimate protection but also confers the sporty touch to their typical outfits. Kids leather jackets are always trending outfits in the winter time. It is easy to wear and gives a relaxed time carrying all day long.

Kids leather jackets come in a variety of styles and gorgeous color combination. You can find any to pair with their unique personality. Little light and brilliant hues are great for girls whereas some black or dark tones can look so classic and elegant for boys.

Talking about light frocks and pleated dresses, leather jackets would definitely make an audacious combination with such girly garments. I would suggest getting it custom embroidered in multicolor. However, boys are better to keep them with their jeans and shirts. It would be better going for the kids motorcycle jackets when it comes to boys. These biker jackets are whimsical and short fit thus gives your child a well-defined posture and protect him well from the winter season. Kids leather motorcycle jackets are very famous and kids like it very much.

Boys leather jacket which is made from real leather are priced around $100. Though it varies from brand to brand, this is the average count from many famous online stores selling leather jackets for kids. For girls, it isn’t different but if you go for custom leather jackets for an additional embroidery or other embellishments then price could go up as per your requirements.

Kids are wicked to their outfits, it is very likely that you see a newly bought dress being torn away in a few days or got some unremovable dirt marks. A premium quality real leather jacket can be sturdy to bear with them as well as stylish to become their all-time favorite.

Leather Jacket 4 offering an exciting range of winter kids leather jackets in real leather with a custom made option, where you can design a unique custom leather jacket with any style and size.

Adding a stylish piece of real leather jacket for kids can be a big hit to your child’s wardrobe. Check out the adorable collection or suggest your own idea for complete customization. We are willing to listen to you and love to expend the collection of boys leather jacket and girls leather jackets online.