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When the subject hits superiority, how can RAF SHEARLING BOMBER JACKET be neglected?

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Sheepskin is acknowledged as an exemplary winter pick from the very beginning of the time. It is indubitably an expensive investment but I am sure it worth it. The relaxation and serenity a sheepskin bomber jacket bring forth, could not be compared to any other apparel. Once you drape a B3 bomber jacket made out of sheepskin leather over your shoulders, then the rest of the work of your transformation will be carried out by the jacket itself.

B3 bomber jackets were fundamentally carried by the warriors of the Royal Air Force during WWII. The British soldiers fought with exceptional intrepidity and courage and withstand the Nazis as well as the freezing winter rushes in thousands of meters above the ground. The bomber jackets were invented especially for the crew to make their flights comparatively sustainable. The ultimate objective of these bomber jackets was to render the soldiers with comfort and tranquility that could empower them to stand firm while fighting against their rivals. The flight jackets were originally created for the pilots but later on became an unconquerable fashion sensation.

Leatherjacket4 has devised an RAF shearling bomber jacket by getting stimulation from the British Royal Air Force. The B3 shearling aviator jacket is fabricated by using the premium quality leather in an aesthetic brown hue that has been overlaid internally by using a soft and mushy faux fur shearling to provide you an additional layer of stability and composure. The color of this remarkable bomber jacket is appealing yet adaptable that allows you to carry your bomber jacket with a variety of clothes combination and it goes well with everything you pick. Moreover, the RAF shearling aviator pilot jacket features seamed detailing to intensify the glory of a flight jacket. An asymmetrical zipper of the RAF shearling pilot leather jacket never ceases to uplift the look of the entire outfit.

All in all, bomber jackets that were initially produced in limited designs are now available in thousands of variants that one could easily access and drape to jazz up their whole occasion. It not only provides you comfort but also makes you look dazzling enough to steal the show. RAF bomber leather jacket is such an amazing drool-worthy article that you can display in casual as well as formal gathering. Grab a shearling aviator pilot jacket now because you deserve the best.

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Suede is basically a type of fuzzy leather having a raised velvety finish. Suede leather is made from the inner layer of the animals' hides and is more pliable and softer as compared to that od the outer sturdy layer. This particular layer of an animal's skin could be used in manufacturing shoes, tools, jackets, coats, bags, furniture and much more. By virtue of tremendous fiber content, they have a shabby and napped appearance and a buttery tactile.

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People have been making clothes and other apparel by using animal hides since the very beginning of the Paleolithic Era. At that time people used to wrap themselves up in those hides to keep themselves warm and cozy. later on, It had been speculated that the material they re using is of exceptional excellence. Suede leather became popular in the early twentieth century and the trend is still alive.    

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This is a known fact that suede leather is comparatively softer and thinner than the traditional leather that is extracted from the first layer. The mellowness and flexibility of suede leather make it ideal for clothing and other accessories. 

Footwear: Due to the fact that suede has a napped appearance and it profoundly smooth, it has been used to manufacture loafers, boots, and shoes. Boots made up of suede leather is preferred because suede leather is lightweight as compared to the typical leather and is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear. 

Accessories: suede is famous for all types of accessories including; gloves, bags, boots, belts wrist watch straps, etc. It wouldn't be erroneous to claim that suede is the favorite fabric among the fashion freaks.

Other habiliments: Suede leather jackets have their origins right from the stone age. To date, more than thousands of variants of a suede jacket in vibrant designs are available in market places. 

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Leatherjacket4 has designed a suede leather jacket by using high-quality suede leather in a grey hue. The men's grey suede leather jacket has been stitched under the supervision of expert artisans. We usually find it difficult to drape a leather jacket that doesn't go well with the clothes we wear underneath. However, grey suede men leather jacket is ideally designed for those happy-go-lucky sorts of people who love to display their favorite raiment in most of the instances. You don't have to worry about where to keep your chattels as it features two spacious handwarmer pockets with zippers. Moreover, the sleek design and smooth tactile are some of the properties of a suede leather jacket that make it an absolute preference. 

You can carry this mens grey suede leather jacket with a black as well as blue jeans. Also the Tee you are going to wear beneath it, could be of any shade as it goes nicely with any blend. Grab a grey mens suede leather jacket now and steal the show. All and all, this particular jacket is indeed a top-tier pick when it comes to getting ready for casual as well as formal events. 

suede-leather-jacket.jpg (800×1004)suede-leather-jacket-b.jpg (450×565)

suede-leather-jacket-s.jpg (450×565)

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Choosing a leather jacket that suits your body adequately is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is an indisputable fact that leather jacket is one of the most expensive and drool-worthy articles of your closet and you expect them to endure for a lifetime. Hence, getting perplexed while buying a leather jacket for yourself is completely spontaneous and reflexive especially when you are going to make it done for the very first time.

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Whenever you head out to buy a leather jacket for yourself, the first thing that appears in your mind is the color of the jacket. It is true that black and brown shades are among the most prevalent and versatile colors in terms of clothing. It would be highly suggested to crawl your wardrobe before buying a leather jacket as it will permit you to pick a leather jacket in a color that corresponds with the clothes that you wear underneath. Having a neutral colored jacket enables you to carry it with a variety of ensembles. However, it is not like you are restricted to using black and brown jacket only rather, there are an abundance of leather jackets accessible in various hues that you can have. It solely depends upon your state of mind and sometimes on the tee you carry with it.

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A well-sewed leather jacket serves as your secondary skin and renders you with warmth and composure throughout the encounter. Leatherjacket4 has created some really chic and trendy jackets by holding the above scenarios ahead.

Datona mens leather jacket:

The Datona mens leather jacket has been fabricated by using excellent quality goat leather that has been stitched by the hands of skilful artisans under the supervision of master craftsmen. While opting for a leather jacket, as specified above, it is really crucial to pick the right color. The Datona mens brown leather jacket is designed in such a nice brownish hue that you can carry it confidently with diverse clothing blend. The most praiseworthy feature about the Datona mens leather jacket is the sleek and simple design which makes it adaptable for people of all age groups and body type. If you have a habit of taking all your chattels along with you then this Datona jacket would be perfect for you as it features 4 substantial pockets. Buy a brown Datona mens leather jacket if most of your clothes are in earthy colourations.

Multicolor mens biker leather jacket:

Beyond any other thing, it’s imperative to consider your comfort and the way you feel relaxed in. If you are bored of wearing your single-coloured conventional leather jackets, then it is recommended to have a look at this astonishing multicolor mens biker leather jacket. The multicolor mens leather jacket has been designed by utilizing the most commendable leather material. The masterpiece has been stitched by world-class artisans to deliver you the best. The multicolor mens biker jacket features a gorgeous blend of bluish-grey and black color. The multicolor men biker leather jacket holds the aesthetical grace of simple shirt collar followed by an asymmetrical zipper. The handwarmer pockets and a chest pocket render the attire with capacity empowering you to carry your belongings.

Blouson biker leather jacket:

Blouson biker mens leather jacket has been manufactured by employing the use of premium quality leather in a black hue. When it comes to clothing, you need to opt for something that not only lasts longer but also goes splendidly with any combination of clothes and a black blouson biker leather jacket is perfect in this case. That blouson mens jacket has been embellished with seamed detailing on all over the jacket giving it a wonderful texture. It is designed in such a way so as to fit people of all ages. By virtue of the quilted lining present in the interior, the jacket falls on the body contours in an astonishing manner. Prefer buying a black jacket if the majority of your raiment are vibrant.

You need apparel that suits your body frame completely. As the investment is real and you don’t want to pour your money for something that is not worth buying. Grab a leather jacket for yourself now because you deserve to be praised.

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Nothing can be accomplished by being terrified. But If you want to go the extra mile of safety measures for your peace of mind then stay connected. You might be the one spending a lot of time behind a steering wheel, or in the back seat of a car or heading out with leather jackets, boots or handbags. In this particular blog, I’ll put in the picture some basic tips about how you can get your leather apparel free from germs. You guys might be questioning what measures you can follow to defend yourself from Coronavirus pandemic.

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A coronavirus is principally a type of virus that can lead to critical infection in animals and people. Viruses penetrate into cells inside their host, use them to replicate themselves and disrupt the body's regular functions. In this article, you can follow some guidelines in order to lessen the chances of getting a coronavirus or any virus out there. Also, we will address what to use and what not to apply to leather material so that we shall be capable of sterilizing it without wrecking it.

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When you carry a leather then it might sabotage your attempts in keeping yourself adequately germ-free. We all acknowledge that being a skin, leather has a profoundly permeable texture that provides absolute conditions for bacteria and viruses to dwell in the pores, thrive and spread. However, if you depollute your leather exteriors accurately then there is zero to minimum chance for you to get the infection. Now you must be wondering that how to annihilate the virus that has attached your leather when you were on your way to work or shopping while carrying a leather bag, shoes or a jacket.

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The Ultraviolet beams of sunlight are highly competent in combating the germs especially viruses. In order to get the most from the sunlight viricidal capabilities, it is imperative to put your belongings particularly those made up of leather in sunlight for a satisfactory period of time. The procedure demands time to time rotation of the stuff you’ve placed in sunlight as the treatment needs to be thoroughgoing.

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Talking about leather-trimmed car components, it is vital to consider the seat covers, steering wheel and other areas of the car that you might find vulnerable. Some domestic disinfectants are surely excellent viricidal but they could not be used as fabric and leather cleaners because of the unrelenting effects they have. Since leather is fundamentally a skin and purely organic, it is strictly prohibited to practice alcoholic surface cleaners on leather surfaces like car seats, leather-trimmed upholstery, jackets, and boots. Alcohol tends to dry out the leather and eventually creates cracks. Most of the leather commodities are polished and dyed. Therefore, the application of alcohol and detergent-based cleaners can not only harm the organic surfaces of the leather but also destroy the dye leading to discoloration. You might confront dryness in your hands when you use alcohol, the same is the case with leathers. Alcohol and sanitizer sap the natural oils of the leather and make it dehydrated and shattered.

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How are you going to guard your belongings without degrading them? Let’s consider some alternative ways. Have you ever wondered how a surfactant works? It basically destroys the virus’s outer surface leading to the killing of a virus. Congratulations! Now the virus has been dramatically neutralized. Giving you the extract, you are all set to use skin soaps and dish soaps in order to clean the leather belongings you have. Just as a beauty soap protects your skin from dryness with minimum harshness, the same goes for leather. Simple ivory soaps are also suggested as they protect the leather from being damaged and work efficiently against the germs.

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Leathers have been experimented with isopropyl alcohol and it has been found that isopropyl alcohol proposes comparatively practical disinfection as compared to other disinfectants. Just take a small amount of isopropyl alcohol in a cloth and start rubbing the leather surfaces. Ideally, you should not use alcohol over leather but somehow, if you happen to apply alcohol on the leather surface then it is crucial to apply a leather conditioner in order to circumvent dryness and damage to your belonging. A conditioner will help in replenishing the natural oils that had been wasted during the cleaning procedure.
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Most of the strong and durable leather items are glazed with vinyl or some other chemical coats that render the leather with sturdiness. These leathers are a lot more repellent to cleaning products that we can use to get rid of coronavirus. A fairly light scrubbing can be done to remove any viral residues inside the pores of the leather.

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Keep yourself and your chattels clean and protected as the virus is spreading like a wildfire. I hope it will be eradicated soon. Stay alert and safe!

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Cheryl Marjorie Blossom is essentially a fictional figure that belongs to “Archie Comics Universe”. She has been depicted as the wealthy daughter of a privileged businessman. The live version of Cheryl Blossom is represented by a well-known TV actress “Madelaine Petch” in a Riverdale which is a popular Netflix series of 2017. Since the very initiation of this American debut teen drama series, it has obtained tremendous recognition among the people in just a brief span of time making it a notably triumphant project of that time.

Riverdale is all about a group of friends and classmates that belongs to a small town manipulating their insecurities and aspirations until the moment came when they encountered a rush in their lives full of mysteries and uncanny occurrences. Cheryl Blossom was one of the most pre-eminent members of the group and was an extremely manipulative and audacious girl who had the expertise to execute people with her kindness. According to the plot of the series, she has been portrayed as a cheerleader and queen bee kind of personality that empowers her to flaunt her status and opulence.

After becoming a member of Southside serpents, she has seen carrying a beguiling blood-red leather jacket which is a striking indication of her bold persona.  The wondrous plot, incredible performance, and eye-catching attire leave an astonishing effect on the hearts of viewers. Leatherjacket4 has designed a Cheryl Blossom leather jacket by getting revelation from the above-mentioned drama series. The jacket has been stitched by using supreme quality leather in a profoundly charismatic red color that has been sewed by the hands of expert artisans under the surveillance of master craftsmen.

The SSS Cheryl Blossom women leather jacket is internally overlaid with soft and luxurious viscose quilted lining to not only provide you with warmth and relaxation but cuts your body in the right places enabling you to flaunt your figure confidently. The most distinguishing feature about the Cheryl Blossom women's biker leather jacket is that it features a characteristic SSS logo on it back. Moreover, the quilted hemline, asymmetrical zipper, and regular sleeves are some of its features that render it with an ever-lasting charm.

Southside Serpents Riverdale leather jacket is surely the most fancied attire when it comes to getting dressed for cosplay events. Moreover, despite being so much stylish and trendy the jacket is still not heavily stuffed which makes it a preferred pick for casual gatherings.  Grasp a southside serpent women biker jacket now and get ready to steal the show.  

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B3 bomber jackets are actually designed by getting stimulation from the soldiers of the Royal Air Force during WWII. The B3 bomber leather jacket is the ultimate representative of the spirit and audacity of the warriors when they fought with undeniable enthusiasm. They became part of the battle and grapple with the rivals with marvelous strength and intrepidity. Primarily, the jackets were worn by the troop to keep their bodies warm and composed to counter the cold winter rushes from penetrating the body. However, just as the fashion sense grew and industry began to evolve, the B3 bomber leather jackets have become more and more widespread among the style freaks.

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The jackets were associated in WWII and this particular attribute of these jackets render them with an indomitable prominence as these bomber jackets used to guard them in thousands of meters above the ground. Initially, they were carried as attire that could provide security and protection but now, they are perceived as an indispensable fashion commodity. Today, almost every Hollywood actor or actress owns a B3 bomber jacket as their wardrobe staple. Leatherjacket4 has fabricated some shearling bomber jackets that we going to have a look one by one.


The B3 shearling aviator bomber jacket has been devised by using excellent quality leather in a warm brownish tone that is internally carpeted with soft and delicate faux fur shearling. The B3 shearling aviator mens jacket has a high-stand lapel collar to grant you ease thereby shielding your high impact areas. You will always discover something unique about a particular garment and the most peculiar thing about this particular jacket is the black leather detailing on the jacket which can be witnessed on sleeves, zippers, and pockets. The B3 shearling aviator brown jacket could be the finest choice for any instance, either you are going to a themed festivity or want to have an evening out with friends. This outfit is going to steal the show anyway. So, order an aviator jacket for yourself and amaze everyone by your astonishing modish look.

shearling-aviator-jacket.jpg (450×565)shearling-aviator-jacket-r.jpg (450×565)

The B3 shearling bomber leather is designed by employing the use of premium and genuine leather in a wonderful copper-brown hue. The shearling bomber mens jacket is internally overlaid with luxurious and mushy brown faux fur shearling to provide you warmth and tranquility. The shearling bomber leather jacket carries a dazzling grace as a matter of fact that the color of this jacket is profoundly versatile and looks aesthetic on a variety of clothes combinations. The jacket is ornamented with stunning black leather stripe detailing to magnify its beauty. The two handwarmer pockets are designed strategically empowering you to keep your chattels every time with you. The shearling bomber jacket could be displayed on any incident be it a party, Halloween night or casual gathering. Its charm remains on the top no matter where you are heading to.
shearling-bomber-jacket.jpg (800×1004)shearling-bomber-jacket-r.jpg (450×565)
So, stop this is the time for you to buy a jacket that not only appears beguiling but also makes you feel extraordinarily relaxed and composed.
 shearling-aviator-jacket-l.jpg (450×565)shearling-bomber-jacket-d.jpg (450×565)

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It is true that we all have a variety of clothes but wouldn’t it is exciting to have something astonishingly stylish and voguish to your closet? Of course, it is! Every season comes and brings with it the demands of it in terms of clothing and heading out. So, head out to grasp something wondrous to entertain the needs of the weather. Since we’ve touched the subject of getting something new it would be an excellent resolution to buy a beautiful black leather parka coat. For all the people who have a good sense of self and truly understand fashion, this leather parka would be a wise investment.  

                   parka-jacket.jpg (800×1004)

We gather a diversity of clothing items. Sometimes we grab T-shirts while other times we rush toward jeans. You need to have leather apparel that you carry on a variety of occasions be it a casual gathering or friends’ day out. A black leather parka with fur made in a high-quality genuine leather would be a brilliant pick and a remarkable addition to your wardrobe. Trust me, if you really want to have something as adrenaline-rushing as a roller coaster ride, then go for some cool leather jackets and parkas this season.

                   parka-jacket-b.jpg (800×1004)

LeatherJacket4 has manufactured a fabulous para-sweater style black faux fur leather parka that has been stitched by using superior quality leather in a black hue. The black leather parka is adorned with a hoodie that is trimmed with soft and delicate fur on the edges to thwart the cold rushes away during the ungracious atmosphere. The outer surface of the jacket is aesthetically decorated with horizontal seamed detailing while the inner is overlaid with luxurious and mushy viscose quilted lining to provide you an additional layer of warmth and serenity. Also, allowing the jacket to fall on your body contours smoothly. Black leather parka jacket has a lapel collar followed by a smooth-running zipper that is additionally being made secured by snap-tabs and a placket over the zipper. The black parka jacket is supplemented with two hand-warmer pockets that are capacious enough to let you take your belongings on the go. Mens black leather parka with a hoodie is designed to fit any body type with minimum or no trouble.

                       parka-jacket-s.jpg (800×1004)

Cutting to the chase, this black leather parka with a beguiling fur-trimmed hood is indeed a top-tier pick that would never cease to add sparkle to your life and will make your graceful personality even more elegant and eye-catching. Leather parka men jacket is one of those clothing articles that inspire wonders. So, why waiting? Get a leather parka and add a little bit of jazz to your life.

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B3 shearling jackets are basically manufactured by getting inspiration from great Britain’s Royal Air Force. Let’s commemorate the courage and audacity of the soldiers of British Army who were always resolute and fanatical about giving up their lives for the sake of their sovereign state. It would not be an illogical phrase to say that “they are the strongest of all the allies of history”. In order to pay tribute to the Royal Army and keep the memory alive, leatherjacket4 has designed some B3 shearling bomber jackets by getting stimulation from them. The shearling jackets portray the bravery and struggle of Country’s army and out forward the epitome of British heroism during WWII.

The crew of Royal Air Force while fighting against the Axis in thousands of meters above the ground over London skies flying Spitfire and Hurricane fighter jets against Nazi Forces, they were in need of something that could keep their bodies warm during the battle. To provide them considerable warmth and composure, these B3 bomber shearling leather jackets were devised. Leatherjacket4 has introduced some B3 shearling leather jackets to provide you substantial warmth thereby keeping their honor alive. Let’s have a look at these shearling jackets.
The B3 black hoodie shearling leather jacket is designed by utilizing superior quality black leather that a smooth buttery tactile. Moreover, it is internally covered by an extremely soft and luxurious faux fur shearling in white color. This B3 shearling hoodie leather jacket is designed in such a way so as to provide your body with noteworthy charm and serenity. You can carry this jacket with a nice skinny blue jean with a tee of any of your beloved color as it goes well with every blend of hues. It has a detachable hoodie that you can remove anytime if you feel like not carrying it. This jacket would be a perfect pick for any occasion be it a themed party or an easygoing evening. So, grab a B3 aviator hoodie jacket now and head out to steal the show.
The faux fur black shearling jacket is basically made in black color with white shearling inside the jacket. It is indeed a drool-worthy piece of clothing that you can always rely on whenever you are heading out of your house. It features a sleek design that would be perfect for people of all age groups and body types. Trust me! Interestingly the B3 black shearling leather jacket is designed in order to intensify your whole look to a bit more extent taking your elegance to the next level. You can drape this on with any of your favorite tee or a sweater anything would do good. This particular RAF aviator jacket would complement any color combination, that you wear underneath, equally.
                                black-shearling-jacket.jpg (800×1004)
The RAF aviator shearling pilot leather jacket is one of the top-selling items of leatherjacket4. The B3 shearling brown aviator leather jacket is designed by utilizing leather in a brown hue that is internally overlaid with sumptuous beige faux fur shearling to provide you exceptional warmth and tranquility. Usually, shearling jackets are supplemented with fur that could lead to allergy but the faux fur used here is of high quality and ensure one’s safety regarding the health issues. You can carry blue or black skinny pants with this particular jacket with a tee of any color. The shearling aviator jacket is made up of high good quality leather with faithfully abiding durability.
                                        b3-shearling-jacket.jpg (800×1004)

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USA Air Force Aviator Mens Bomber Leather Jacket

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We all have a clear idea that this is the time of the year when we are going through some changes in weather conditions. At this time of the year, we can claim that there's no need to wear heavy coats rather, something a bit more light and cozy is needed that can work in accordance with the climatic conditions. fortunately, new trends have emerged in biker and bomber jackets. Now that we have touched this topic, I must say that bomber jackets are a vital part of one's life, especially for youngsters. they've stretched out in the fashion industry like a streel style darling. Let's think less about the weather and more about what to carry to look as chic as always. 

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If you are one of those people who would love to decorate their wardrobes with astonishing and breath-taking garments collection then surely you've chosen the right spot. You might have relished the clothes that are more like traditional with some typical cuts, but to add a little bit of jazz in your clothing items, a bomber jacket is all you need. It would be a feather on a hat if you happen to get one in brown color as it will flatter all skin tones. A jacket in brown color is thought to be the most versatile clothing item as it compliments every outfit equally and aesthetically. 


One such bomber jacket is designed by leatherjacket4 named "B3 men's bomber jacket" by using praiseworthy leather material in brown color. The B3 men's brown bomber jacket has been stitched by the hands of proficient artisans under the supervision of master craftsmen. The B3 bomber flight jacket has been manufactured by getting stimulation from the British Royal Air Force. The jacket is internally overlaid with soft and luxurious viscose quilted lining to provide you an additional layer of comfort and serenity to make your encounter even more relaxed. The B3 men's bomber jacket features 2 military pockets with flaps to make the attire highly substantial allowing you to keep your chattels on the go. The most thrilling aspect of this jacket is the embellishment of patched all over the jacket that beautifully magnifies the charm of the B3 men's aviator jacket. 


The B3 aviator pilot men's jacket is unquestionably a worth investing clothing item. For today's generation, bomber jackets are considered as one of those wardrobe essentials that you can not neglect at any cost. This particular jacket is designed by keeping all the concurrent aspects ahead in order to make it a highly preferable raiment item. Grasp a B3 bomber men's leather jacket for yourself because you deserve the best. 

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RAF aviator faux fur shearling leather jacket

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B3 bomber jackets have their foundations with the British army of the Royal Air Force at the time of world war II. The warriors of the army used to fight with an act of inevitable courage and bravery therefore, the war was a manifestation of their invincible strength and confidence. They took part in the battle with remarkably astonishing enthusiasm and never thought once before sacrificing their lives for the nation. Primarily, these jackets were worn by the troop to keep themselves warm and composed during the unrelenting and discourteous chilly atmosphere in thousands of meters above the ground. To date, these jackets have become an imperative part of the fashion industry and are perceived as signature winter attire. 

                  Image result for B3 bomber jackets 1930

Since the jacket was wrapped by the soldiers in high altitudes, the jacket is considered as ideal apparel made for thwarting the cold breezes away which of course intensifies its importance in the fashion industry.  For sure the B3 aviator pilot jacket is an epitome of safety and serenity but now it is considered as a glam element. It wouldn’t be mistaken to declare that today almost every Hollywood actor or model possesses a B3 RAF aviator bomber jacket. 

                  raf-aviator-jacket.jpg (800×1004)

Leatherjacket4 has designed an RAF aviator faux fur shearling leather jacket by getting stimulation from the Royal Air Force. The jacket has been stitched by using superior quality leather in a nice brownish hue. The jacket is internally overlaid with soft and luxurious faux fur shearling to provide you ultimate warmth and protection. The B3 aviator sheepskin faux fur shearling men leather jacket has a lapel collar with an asymmetrical zipper that justifies the layout of the jacket in an aesthetical manner. The two handwarmer pockets of aviator flight jacket make the attire highly substantial allowing you to carry your belongings with you. 

                   raf-aviator-jacket-b.jpg (800×1004)

Some other attributes of the RAF aviator pilot jacket aid in maximizing the charm of the jacket like endowment of the belt and buckles on the sides of the hemline, regular sleeves with closed cuffs and a sleek design that goes well with any combination of clothes. All in all, you can carry in this jacket freely on any occasion at any place regardless of your age or body type. The B3 bomber jacket is an embodiment of style and endless comfort that lets you acquire tranquility and makes you the center of attention wherever you go.  

                   raf-aviator-jacket-r.jpg (450×565)