Tuesday, April 2, 2019

5 Leather Jacket Styles You Must Carry In This Winter

April 02, 2019 2

Your winter collection is incomplete without a sleek piece of a black leather jacket. It is a great way to add the element of luxury in your personality. Leather jackets make a strong statement of style and it is the easiest way to enhance your look and style. A high-quality leather jacket is deemed as men’s favorite outfit. From biker jackets to bomber leather jackets, no matter which one is your favorite, our men’s leather jacket collection is the go-to add-on for your wardrobe.

Real leather comes with its natural rigidity but if it is professionally processed and crafted then it becomes the lasting investment as leather jackets will keep serving you warmth for many years to come without losing its appealing appearance. Leather jacket has been an iconic style for men for decades and now it has become the modern wardrobe essential and symbol of luxe. There are many styles of men’s leather jacket, each defines its own flair to reflect your personality and fashion statement with varying colors and unique designs.  

Men’s Leather jackets are comfortable and easy to wear outwear for any casual occasion. Here is a guide for all fashion followers about 5 leather jacket style you must carry in this winter.

The winter is coming, and you need to update your wardrobe but we know, it might not be a good idea to stuffed you wardrobe with some overly boring bulky sweaters and sweatshirts, rather you take it as an opportunity to add some really awesome styles of leather jackets which are not only warm but equally versatile to be paired with any outfit.

        1) Faux Fur Leather Jacket

Faux fur jackets have been popular for their luxurious features and whole lots of grace. Fur detailing can truly enhance the look of your leather jacket. Faux fur is usually sewn around the edges of collars for a super classy touch. A fur collar jacket isn’t merely about style but it also conveys the sensationalizing warmth to your neck for ultimate comfort.

          2) The Zipper Embellishments

The best way to style your winter days with a touch of edgy and chic is to get a zipper-embellished leather jacket. Zipper adornments are particularly given to leather biker jackets, but now it has been used in many other types of leather jackets. You can go with any zipper style you wish to show up in a little bit of grungy way. Moreover, the stud detailing and metal accessories would be the next thing you wish to include to achieve the look of a rockstar.

3) Tie Belt Leather Jacket

Be tidy in this winter with the addition of belted hem leather jacket to elevate your style. Leather Jackets with tie belt around waist-line supply defining silhouette to your body as it provides an extra adjustment that will keep you warm and effortlessly classic. So give it a try by keeping fully tied hem belt for more polished personae or leave it dropped for more casual style.

      4) Custom Patched Jackets

Patches look super casual on any outfit you wear. You may also choose a leather jacket with such patch-work all over it. At LeatherJacket4, you are all set to design custom patch jackets just the way you want, it can be some random logos or just creative embellishments, we do it with the traditional fashion with needle and threads. Adding such patches on your leather jacket would raise your winter style more youthful. So, don’t hesitate to enjoy this winter with unique customization of patch jackets.

     5) Long Leather Coat

Long leather coats have taken up the style for peak winter days. Its elongated silhouette thoroughly covers your body and forms the flattery posture that you always wish to have. These long coats give the cleaner finish to your outfits and long waistline takes the command of winter fashion.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Kids Leather Jackets | The Adorable Collection For Teenage Boys & Girls

February 20, 2019 3

Let’s talk about the lovely closet collection for kids, which is one of the integral parts of your child’s wardrobe. These little boys and girls are equally fashionable like adults. They know how to dress and pretty well aware regarding the trending fashion. It is not always you get them some sweet colorful clothes but there are times when they demand something more adventurous and strikingly stylish ensembles. So they cannot run out of the race of style with their friends.

Leather jackets for kids are stylish and fun clothing. It not only gives the ultimate protection but also confers the sporty touch to their typical outfits. Kids leather jackets are always trending outfits in the winter time. It is easy to wear and gives a relaxed time carrying all day long.

Kids leather jackets come in a variety of styles and gorgeous color combination. You can find any to pair with their unique personality. Little light and brilliant hues are great for girls whereas some black or dark tones can look so classic and elegant for boys.

Talking about light frocks and pleated dresses, leather jackets would definitely make an audacious combination with such girly garments. I would suggest getting it custom embroidered in multicolor. However, boys are better to keep them with their jeans and shirts. It would be better going for the kids motorcycle jackets when it comes to boys. These biker jackets are whimsical and short fit thus gives your child a well-defined posture and protect him well from the winter season. Kids leather motorcycle jackets are very famous and kids like it very much.

Boys leather jacket which is made from real leather are priced around $100. Though it varies from brand to brand, this is the average count from many famous online stores selling leather jackets for kids. For girls, it isn’t different but if you go for custom leather jackets for an additional embroidery or other embellishments then price could go up as per your requirements.

Kids are wicked to their outfits, it is very likely that you see a newly bought dress being torn away in a few days or got some unremovable dirt marks. A premium quality real leather jacket can be sturdy to bear with them as well as stylish to become their all-time favorite.

Leather Jacket 4 offering an exciting range of winter kids leather jackets in real leather with a custom made option, where you can design a unique custom leather jacket with any style and size.

Adding a stylish piece of real leather jacket for kids can be a big hit to your child’s wardrobe. Check out the adorable collection or suggest your own idea for complete customization. We are willing to listen to you and love to expend the collection of boys leather jacket and girls leather jackets online.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Buy Tom Hardy Dunkirk Farrier Leather Jacket Online

November 15, 2018 7

Tom Hardy is the man of style. No matter whether there is a ‘war’ going on or he is just stepping out for an evening walk with his dog. We always find him wearing amazing clothes of high-end fashion, proving himself as the ultimate style-guide for men. You can’t say no if ever you got an opportunity to look like Tom Hardy. He is confident, charming, and attractive altogether. He is fully aware of what earns admiration and how to initiate the fashion trend.

Edward Thomas Hardy, aka Tom Hardy, is a versatile British actor who gains into attention after featuring in some of the popular Hollywood movies. His excellent performance in WWII-based movie Dunkirk is worthy to be mentioned in which he played the role of Farrier, who is a member of the Royal Air Force. Flying the fighter jet plane, doing all the aerial battling against the Nazis. Well, apart from causes, conflicts and strategical movements, we as fashion enthusiasts, are more into the style of these combatant pilots. No matter who are they fighting and what are they fighting for. Let’s take a summary of style that Farrier carried while showing the athletic maneuvering of his Supermarine Spitfire.

Moving On…!
Tom Hardy showed up wearing an impressively awesome leather shearling jacket. And it seemed truly suitable, as these spitfire pilots need to confront with the cold above there, before battling with their enemies. Tom Hardy wore full shearling jacket that later started following by his fans and style followers and thus becomes the most selling winter bomber jacket of its kind.

It looks like a heavy, but it is pretty light and warm. LeatherJacket4 has created a close replica of Tom Hardy Dunkirk Jacket in real leather, that you can’t resist having for your winter days. It is a great jacket for those who live near snowy areas.

Wearing a Dunkirk Farrier jacket not only gives you a celebrity style but also keep you warm and protected from the freezing temperature of winter. Shearling always works in winter by maintaining the body temperature and another layer of leather adds an extra shield from the surrounding.

Farrier Pilot jacket is not just a typical bomber jacket but it is featuring with long shearling collar that reaches till your jaw, means more wrapping experience. Moreover, for the sake of style, of course, the hem and cuffs are also decorated from shearling pippins that makes it casual and enlivens the charm in your personality.

Dunkirk Farrier jacket has given more utility by equipping with a waist adjuster that nicely tied down to hemline and gives the perfect shape to your body.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Types of Lining Material Used in Leather Jackets

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First things first: linings aren’t for fashion or to parade the style that you gained after wearing a leather jacket. They are hidden inside for your comfort; thus, you have to be more concern about it if you want to pay not just for an outer appearance but for an inner comfort too. Leather Jackets are incomplete without quality linings attached underneath to the layer of leather. Inner linings in leather jackets are also important because of the fact the leather is comparatively tough material than any other wearable garments. It helps to conceal the inner sharp spikes of sewn leather and covers all the seamlines to give the clean and calm feel inside. It nicely glides over the skin and garments which you wear inside due to its non-sticky and non-static nature. These linings are capable of absorbing extra moisture under the spaces of your covered jacket and help in keeping the warmth and dry air near to your body. It’s pretty essential for the winter jackets as raw leather without linings are hard to wear and it is not comfortable at all. Leather has a thick skin, so it just can stop the breeze hitting on you but it cannot keep the warmth inside, for that, you must need a lining along with the foam padding to make it a perfect winter wear. Smooth linings are also beneficial in self-adjusting your jacket by slipping smoothly over your body contours.

Including the expensive silk, here we have collected the most common types of linings used in leather jackets and coats. So, you can be pretty more selective about the linings while buying a leather jacket next time.


Silk might be the fantastic yet expensive choice for linings in leather jackets. If you want to get a luxurious feel then Silk is of your kind. It has such a smooth and lustrous feel that we all wish to experience once in a lifetime. It is though more popular in some designer dresses and less likely be found in leather jackets. Nonetheless, if you want to add the touch of luxury to your jackets or coats then silk is an ultimate option. It is obviously made up of interlaces of natural fibers, thus it lasts long and has extremely buttery features that you can’t resist from being embraced by it. Good things are here: there are also derived categories of silk which might cut some cost if you can’t afford to get the pure silk. Some popular silk types include Dupion Silk, Silk Charmeuse, and Silk Crepe De Chine.


Rayon linings are also known as Bemberg. It is closer to silk and could be the next best choice for your jacket’s inner decoration. You can get the wonderful gliding experience on your sleeves while donning and doffing your jackets. It is non-static, breathable and drapes well around your body. Cost of Rayon Linings comes next to Silk; therefore, it is found more in ready-made jackets. It requires tailoring expertise in laying the linings nicely against the key areas to restrain from stretchy bulges. You may go for some printed rayon linings to add an adorable flair to your jackets, as these linings would playfully shine through the front opening of your jackets.

Rayon / Viscose lining jacket


Cotton is slightly heavier and extremely breathable. If you want something light, comfy and inexpensive at the same time then cotton lining would be a thing for you. However, unlike viscose and silk linings, cotton makes an unpleasant drag to your clothes as it is sticky and wraps adherently on your bodice. But it is pretty economical and also warmer to use in leather jackets. The only thing you will need to take care is the wrinkles and crinkles. So, make sure you take a regular care to make it last longer.

Cotton Lining Jacket


Polyester compared to Rayon has more gloss and less resilient, yet it slides very smoothly. Polyester linings are great for winter jackets. It breaths not so well, thus keep the body warm inside and give you soothing comfort in the chilly winter environs. Polyester linings might not be the good choice for warmer seasons as you will end up perspiring after a couple of hours of wearing it. But sure, if it is about enjoying the fullest of winter then it is a must-to-have feature to include in your leather jackets.

Polyester lining jacket


These seemingly fluffy and stuffy shearling jackets are even lighter and less bulky than it looks. Shearlings are made from Lambskin or Sheepskin, thus a delicacy and suppleness can be taken for guaranty. This uniform fleece material feels extremely soft and comfortable and due to the high quality, it grants enough warmth to enjoy the nippy days in the polar areas. Shearling jackets are thus expensive and considered luxurious and a perfect material to use for linings in heavy jackets.

Shearling coats


Satin linings are easy to wear and comfortable. It is a bit weighty than other lining materials but widely found in leather jackets and costumes. It is best to provide a structure and supports to your jacket from inside and gives a draped feel to your body. If the weather is extremely cold then try adding a flannel backing to make it warmer and cozier.

satin lining jackets

There aren’t limited fabrics for linings but in fact, there are endless options to choose from many types of materials used for inner linings in jackets and coats. From cheapest and readily used polyester to precious silk, there is a reasonable variation of price and quality, so you may find many varieties – each contain its own comfort-serving attributes. At leatherJacket4 you can select from any type of linings for your custom made leather jackets.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Kid Cudi Surface To Air Conan O’Brien Leather Jacket

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Glamorizing any casual outfits is something our Pop-Star are at best, Kid-Cudi definitely spares the time to boost his already-enough elegant and jazzy personality to next level, He appeared as multi-spectral pop-star by professing the fact that he is not only good at composing super hit music but also keeps a designers flair beside his singing skills. When he handed the coolest leather jacket to Conan O’Brien on his late night talk-show which he accepted and draped immediately after receiving to gratify such a magnanimous surprise by Kid Cudi and that become the moment of inspiration for all partygoers out there who never miss a chance to add a luxury to their regular ensembles.

This Kid Cudi jacket is a perfect example of jazziness and pop style with a perfect color combination of red with black and it comes up as the utmost party outfits, we have seen people started flashing their party pictures wearing this beautiful design leather jackets, it was a kind of flood of similar style everywhere online. Soon after it became a quick demand for people who like to be on trend and love their celebrity attire to stand unique among their colleagues.

This jacket has got different names afterward, some called it Conan O’Brien jacket, some refer it as Kid Cudi jacket while it is popularly known as Kid Cudi Surface to Air jacket as it was a collaboration of Kid Cudi with design studios surface to Air, though Kid Cudi gave it a personal touch by designing it personally as this jacket has all perfect style like a crazy Pop-Star.

This jacket is perfect for casual and semi-casual social gatherings, having slim fit-to-body cut makes it just like a body shaper. This Rockstar style is invincible to be beaten up by any other celebrity jacket you may find. It isn’t like glittery rock-star costumes that feel a bit awkward in some social meet-up only if you don’t want to alienate yourself unless it is a costume party, other times you have very limited editions of dresses to pick for your day-to-day hang-ups where you cannot try experimenting with colors and flattery designs. Thereby, Kid Cudi Surface to Air jacket has all the functional ingredients to decorate your regular ensemble gracefully with its red shoulders patches apparently widen-up your upper part of the body whilst the lower fit form a perfect shape to your overalls silhouette much gracefully.

LeatherJacket4 a renowned online store of a leather jacket in the US is as always come up with the closest first copy of Kid Cudi Fire leather jacket with its utmost prime quality of real leather at best possible price that you may find online. Our professional tailors have created this true replica of Kid Cudi jacket as it looks like on the Cannon O’Brien. This jacket has given soft inner lining to make it pretty cozy for winter environment so you can feel warmly comfort anywhere you walk while wearing this stunning leather jacket. So grab your favorite replica of Conan O’Brian jacket which is a masterwork of our skilled seamstresses to boost your prominence look.

LeatherJacket4 offers completely Free Worldwide shipping on all buying so you may cut-off a bit of your cost to get it in comfort of your home, moreover there is a 10% discount promotional code which you can use at the check-out stage.

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Best Cafe Racer Brown Leather Jacket

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Have you ever find yourself in the middle of fashion labyrinth while picking the finest outfit out of long range of mind rotary fashion assortment of dresses. It is pretty normal when you are surrounded by equally trendy and stylish outfits concurrently on board that halts you falling upon single one to best satisfy the requirement of your premediated poses for some special occasion. So how to choose the best dress when you just can’t stick to one style and hold the urge to get all variety of dresses presented to you. Here we are going to discuss about picking the best when there is a myriad of heart swaying textural designs and colors of dresses but you can’t afford to run out of your budget in buying these expensive designer outfits on the go.

Let’s talk about some never-fading styles that you can go along freely with no hesitation of being looking tacky and outdated. It is indeed the vintage style leather jacket that not only satisfies the timeless fashion demands but also lasts happily with your day to night social meetups.

When it comes to leather jackets then there is no doubt about its importance for gracing your persona to highest of its level, it is counted in luxury category of outfits which nobody can ignore and wants to add at least one in their wardrobe to make a use of it anytime you feel shabby in your regular ensembles.

Café Racer motorcycle jacket is one which never goes out of trend due to its perfect mixture of minimalist design with perennial moto style. So if you are facing little hard time in deciding what to pick then this comes as rescue in shaping your posture much endearingly due to its plain outlook which can impeccably contrast with any style of pants and shirts that you wear casually and also you may wrap it around your body when you are intended to show the formal aspect of your personality. It is perfect in each setting so you need not be thinking and calculative enough before deciding in teaming it up with any style you carry for a sophisticated ensemble.

The vintage café racer jacket is rooted back when bikers would need to guard themselves while being riding bikes through the fuming breeze where the only way to run ahead is to cleave the gusty winds apart with the power of the heavy engines of the café racer bikes. A minimal leather jacket makes it a smooth go through the air with maximum speed as there are no extra embellishments, fancy-flaps and wavy collars, instead It is given a fit-to-body shape with pull up zipper front closures and pockets with band collars that completely wraps your body, moreover the surface of Café Racer jacket is even and plain as to give the air a smooth slip off which makes it a perfect top gear leather racing jacket and gives a rider a chance to display their racing maneuver by getting their contenders off the road.
It is because of its simple appearance that fits in all situation to give you overwhelm attention of celebrity’s expensive jackets brands. The brown color gives it a more appealing reflection which we all love to wear.

LeatherJacket4 has scaled up its celebrities leather jacket assortments to whole new level with always trendy café racer jacket brown color. We also offer black leather cafe racer jacket in exclusively discounted price with free worldwide shipping.

This vintage leather motorcycle jacket is prepared with high-quality real leather having smooth inner viscous linings and finest stitching which comes after strict quality control process to give it a luxury designer touch.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Tailormade Leather Jackets Online

May 03, 2018 1
A leather is an epitome of style and fashion. It seems to be the first choice for style grabbers and fashion devotees. Be it a man or women, it is liked by all. Even kids are in love with its bright colors and popular leather costumes of their favorite comic characters. But when it comes to leather jackets then a perfect fitting is a key to shape your body in a modish way.

Online shopping is an incredible fun from the solace of your home. There is no limit of styles, designs and collection of product you deem to purchase. Unlike physical outlets having limited verity to choose from. But when you plunge into the sea of countless options for what you decided to buy right in front of you then there is lot you can find in quick search, the major concern for an online shopping is its quality and sizing because some companies have their own standards of sizes which you may cross over inattentively to face the hassle of return or exchange. What if there be a custom made option at the online store which asks you to provide your best-fitted measurements for a perfect shape and look.

Especially if the product is expensive such as leather jackets then surely you would go for a customize option to resolve your sizing issues. And for the quality, you may talk to their representatives in detail about the quality of leather and make sure if you have a satisfying conversation and they are agree in showing the final images of jackets before shipment. If they seem rolling their eyes over some of your valid concerns then this is not a good sign before investing in a long-lasting jacket.

LeatherJacket4 offers an exclusive opportunity for all its customer to order completely custom made leather jacket in a very convenient way. Just upload a picture of your imaginations/sketch or the style you have come across somewhere on the internet and want it to be made for you or if you could just explain in your words about how it should be done. Our 24/7 customer support is all attentive to listen your ideas and implement it professionally. You may include its top-notch designers’ suggestions to make it more appealing and attractive.

LeatherJacket4 always prepare jackets with high-quality leather (full grain leather or top grain leather) and offers an easy customization option to its customers not just about sizing but also the complete design of jackets or costume. LeatherJacket4’s brilliant seamstresses are extremely dedicated to their work and its designers' team does not let its customers alone in this creative process of customization.

Get our experts opinion while adding your own taste into the edgy jacket that you could relate to your personality.

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How to Transform your Façade from Dull to Dazzling in Less than a Minute

April 23, 2018 0
Photo by Gabe Morales

Messy wrinkled shirt and time is short?

No sweat! Here we’ll save your time by telling how you may quickly transform your façade from dull to dazzling in less than a minute.

Owning a smart piece of leather is an evidence that you are not from Venus, and able to take advantage of what is considered luxurious and stylish, so it is just a typical jacket that you would need for a swift transformation of your chaotic appearance in a more charming way. All you have to do is to put your hands on the sleeves of a perfect leather jacket and sweep it up to the shoulders. Stand still, hone the posture like a celebrity and this is it. You are now all ready to take the step out of your room and make the world see how dazzling you may look wearing a trendy piece of leather on your body.

If you are still being deprived of world’s most luxurious outfit – leather jacket, then you should definitely go to grab the one from the best online store of leather jackets at a reasonable price. LeatherJacket4 does not only provide the finest quality of leather jackets but also it offers made-to-fit jackets for different body shapes and sizes. You may choose to click the tailormade option if you want a fully customize leather jacket or costume as per your own taste of style and requirement. Browse from the diverse range of women's leather jacket for a dazzling look.

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Reality Behind Cheap Leather Jackets Available Online

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Leather jackets are classified into several categories according to the types of leather and its manufacturing methodology. Just opposite to one's high expectations about every other leather jackets which are available in a market has the durability and long-lasting persistence but in reality, there have been several types or grades of leather which you might not know especially if you are doing an online shopping where you don’t have an opportunity to feel and examine the natural rigidity of real leather and the touch that ensures its reality.

Here are some facts one must keep in mind while buying leather jackets at cheap prices online. Pure and real leather indeed comes with its price but you may find several pricing options online that can twitch your mind for a moment and drag your attention toward some fancy pictures of celebrity wears with flattery prices seem hard to resist. In such cases, you are more likely to jumble with the words used by the seller in the description column which might be the only way to gauge the quality of the product you want to buy. But leather is forked out in several similar sub-categories according to their quality and manufacturing methodology which yield the confusion among naive buyer to make a correct choice right away. Some really cheap leather jackets are claimed to be made of real leather but in fact, this explanation is not enough to comprehend its quality and longevity. Real leather is a general term and does not qualify for any leather jacket to touch high rank of excellence.

Types of leather

Although there can be so many types derived from leather still these four major types are must be known for those who wish to invest in a long-run leather product. The four types are classified as follows; full grain leather, top grain leather, genuine leather and bonded leather.

Full grain leather is considered as the highest quality of leather. It is made from the outer layer of animal skin that is filled with the real beauty of natural imperfections such as uneven scars, bruises, textures and irregular creases which are the signs of top quality leather. It is one of the expensive kind of leather you may find in the market. It is durable and burnishes with time because it is not given a prior treatment of buffs and sanding to keep the natural essence of real leather alive. Products which are made from full grain leather last longer than any other types of leather. If some products are claimed to be made with full grain and offers really cheap prices than average - it is for sure an act of deception. So, one must think twice before investing in such suspicious claims made by illicit leather suppliers.

Top Grain Leather

It is the second-best quality of leather prepared by slicing away the outer layer of full grain having irregular and uneven textures. It is further refined by the process of sanding and buffing to get a smooth surface which is free from scars and blemishes to achieve the uniform look and feel.  Top grain leather is popular and widely used in jacket’s manufacturing and it is considered reliable than other with its long-lasting tenacity. It is less rigorous and depreciates more promptly with time because of the number of processes have already been taken place for giving it a fine appearance.

Genuine Leather

Here ‘genuine’ is merely used in its literal meaning and has nothing to regard with high-quality. Just opposite to the figurative understanding of word ‘genuine’ - it is one of the lowest grades of leather mined from the bottom layer of animal’s skin. It is perhaps the favorite term used by vendors who love to play with words for a better display of the average product in the more appealing way in the market by associating them in the category of genuine just like any other product that falls in this category are deemed as prime quality. Genuine leather is indeed technically a real leather but of poor quality which consecutively helps its manufacturers to keep the price down and compete deceptively in online market to trick you-you with their proud enunciations of providing genuine leather.

Bonded Leather

Bonded leather is the worst form of leather, it is just the collection of leather garbage and plastic glued together. It is prepared by the suppression of blended leather material onto the fabric of fiber and then embossed to imitate patterns of real leather. Since the surface of bonded leather never intact and firm, therefore, dirt or even harsh stream of water could make an abrasive impact onto the surface of your leather wear. These compacted form of leather pieces start to loosen up easily and begins to flake-off after little use. The life of products made with bonded leather is really less which is one of the soul factors behind low prices of some leather products available in the market. It is never advised to use products which are made of bonded leather even if such products have cheap prices it could cost you more with its poor experience.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Jacket

March 15, 2018 0
After taking enormously fantastic voyage to galaxy through first part of Guardian of Galaxy, we were all toe-tappingly waiting for its next sequel and as expected, the trailer was flooded with equal excitements and entertainment with all adventurous experiences like the first one. The most engaging part of the movie was its space battles, executions and fighting. It was a complete package for all fictional lovers and movie enthusiastic.

The movie was not only filled with action, adventure, drama, and emotions but it was also popular by the excellent costumes worn by stars. How can we ignore the charismatic personality of Chris Pratt who performed so radiant as the leader of "Guardian of Galaxy". Our all-time favorite Chris Pratt outfits is a new sensation in the fashion realm. He looks extremely daring and heroic while shelling the all-new trend to his followers. The elegant piece of leather jacket worn by him appears to be the contemporary demand of all fashion lovers out there. People started repeating his style in their real life through such graceful leather jacket since its first feature in the movie.

Star lord jacket in Black color
We at leatherjacket4 are always diligent in crafting the creative and trendy products for our customers so they can stay in fashion and can impersonate the posture of their favorite stars or celebrities just like they appear in the movies. We are proud to showcase the handy artsy of our skilled leather designers and stylists to prepare product like the one “Guardians of Galaxy jacket” for you.

This Guardian of galaxy jacket is made up of real leather and carries the eye catchy metallic silver texture on front. It has front zip closure together with Padded strapped design on front and shoulders for comfort. A mid-stand collar and snake print texture give it a casual look while two cross-nap pockets and buckle shown over sleeves added more style to it. A Fully lined interior 100% cotton and 100% polyester sleeves lining give you relaxed time all day long.

This daring Guardians of the Galaxy leather Jacket is one of the essentials to your wardrobe this winter. Enjoy the warmth and cozy comfort in this winter with our exclusive offer on Galaxy Jacket for men.
We are promising with our detailed design and quality of real leather to let you cherish the frosty moments of winter with your family and friends. You can make a request on our online store leatherjacket4.com to get the one like in the picture.

An Iconic Finn Jacket from Star Wars; The Force Awakens

March 15, 2018 1
Finn's Jacket From Star Wars 
Let’s take a bare insight first to the verves of Finn’s character from Star Wars. He is famous for his manly and courageous instinct in the series where he is depicted as “Stormtrooper” of the First Order, but soon after himself seen fighting against to them by being associated with Resistance due to the cruel strategies of First Order in the first combat mission. The character is played by John Boyega, who reflected the perfect match to this role with his masculine posture and flawless acting.

If you are a fan of Star Wars, then you cannot ignore the significance of Finn, nor the style he had naturally engrossed in his personality while giving a winning performance in the movie. He keeps a loving aspect and always comes as the man of high morals, who never seen negotiating with those having evil intentions. He always takes an objective stand against the wrong decrees made by others with dignity even if it is against to his superiors, he never compromised on his firm principles. Verily, these are the qualities that lead him to leave First Order and join Resistance army.

The journey of Finn has been so compelling that it captivated our attentions since his first appearance in the “The Force Awakens” with a bizarre identity code FN-2187. It was perhaps to isolate the Soldier from human traits, though the soldiers are not meant to have feelings and emotions like human.

The Finn character is not solely about the dynamic inner traits and spirit that he carries, but also, it is about his look and getup which adds to amplify the impact of this manly role to satisfy the demand of action and thrill for the movie.

Finn has been spotted wearing an astonishing beige color leather jacket. The jacket surely enhances the power of the character with its flaunty combination of shades and creative designs. This Finn leather jacket got famed in the fashion street since its first appearance in the Episode VII of Star Wars. This popular outfit has praised a lot and get in demand among fashion followers and style eager.

This creative celebrity leather jacket has given a new idea to leather workers to draw the same piece for masses that they can’t resist to add in their wardrobe. This leather jacket has all the elements to completely transform your facet and has a potential to broaden the charm in your personality. The alluring display of the jacket is all in all the perfect choice to have a casual look in winter hangouts while keeping appropriate warmth inside to your body when there is chilly outside.

Leatherjacket4 has always been at front in picking the trendy and popular jackets worn by celebrities in movies to get inspirations for creating closest replica with top quality real leather in affordable budget, so everyone can cherish the feel of their favorite celeb’s attire. If you are looking to redefine your style, then this Finn jacket is must-to-have outfit, it can be worn as regular outfit as well as costume.

The jacket has round collars with open front contrasted with red leather patch on one shoulder. Having belted hand cuff for convenience and a stylish buckle strap on zipper flap gives it a fancy look. The front look is featured with single chest Pocket and two waist pockets. The sleeves are beautifully decorated all along from the shoulders. The Viscos lined interior gives the snug fit to the body and grant the comfort all day long.

If you want to buy it online, we have an exclusive offer for you at Leatherjacket4.com


• Round collar.
• Open Front.
• Padded shoulder.
• Open pockets.
• Regular Sleeves.
• Belted cuffs.
• Regular hem
• Slim fit.
• Fully lined interior; 100% Silver satin body lining and 100% polyester sleeve lining.
• 1 mobile pocket and 1 button pocket with lining.
• Made in Pakistan.