Gorilla Costume Planet of the Apes General Ursus Costume - Comic Dress


 The narrative shifts to General Ursus, who has just returned from a hunt. He eats by himself and in silence before proceeding to join several gorillas and attend a council meeting. General Ursus describes his fellow academics and politicians as enemies in his internal monologue. As Chancellor Inez announces, the group of military officers arrives. Taemis, who introduced himself, said he was concerned in the issue of scarcity and limited food resources. Dr. Taemis acknowledges that gorilla consumption by humans causes starvation. Dr. Taemis promises to grow the soldiers as farmers and separate the resources and money from the army.

 When General Ursus runs out of patience, he challenges the council in Planet of the Apes. He accuses individuals of being unfit and implores the council to support a military war that will deliberately murder people. Infuriated, General Ursus storms out of the council. The internal dialogue asks whether the municipality or the populace constituted a larger threat to the gorillas' ability to survive.

 The narrative is still going on. Ursus pays a councillor a visit. He reports that they located a man with black skin. Using past experience as support, Ursus Costume implores the consultant to permit murders. General Ursus claims that the gorillas could be wiped off if nothing is done. The city council vehemently and erroneously rejected Ursus' reasoning.

 Munch has returned with General Ursus in the interim as gorilla costume. Taemis will comply. They hear talks between people with dark complexion in a language they are familiar with. They think the man made friends calls. The discovery of human intelligence, according to General Ursus, is evidence that he is superior. Because he consults his buddies, Ursus is convinced.


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