Types of Lining Material Used in Leather Jackets

First things first: linings aren’t for fashion or to parade the style that you gained after wearing a leather jacket. They are hidden inside for your comfort; thus, you have to be more concern about it if you want to pay not just for an outer appearance but for an inner comfort too. Leather Jackets are incomplete without quality linings attached underneath to the layer of leather. Inner linings in leather jackets are also important because of the fact the leather is comparatively tough material than any other wearable garments. It helps to conceal the inner sharp spikes of sewn leather and covers all the seamlines to give the clean and calm feel inside. It nicely glides over the skin and garments which you wear inside due to its non-sticky and non-static nature. These linings are capable of absorbing extra moisture under the spaces of your covered jacket and help in keeping the warmth and dry air near to your body. It’s pretty essential for the winter jackets as raw leather without linings are hard to wear and it is not comfortable at all. Leather has a thick skin, so it just can stop the breeze hitting on you but it cannot keep the warmth inside, for that, you must need a lining along with the foam padding to make it a perfect winter wear. Smooth linings are also beneficial in self-adjusting your jacket by slipping smoothly over your body contours.

Including the expensive silk, here we have collected the most common types of linings used in leather jackets and coats. So, you can be pretty more selective about the linings while buying a leather jacket next time.


Silk might be the fantastic yet expensive choice for linings in leather jackets. If you want to get a luxurious feel then Silk is of your kind. It has such a smooth and lustrous feel that we all wish to experience once in a lifetime. It is though more popular in some designer dresses and less likely be found in leather jackets. Nonetheless, if you want to add the touch of luxury to your jackets or coats then silk is an ultimate option. It is obviously made up of interlaces of natural fibers, thus it lasts long and has extremely buttery features that you can’t resist from being embraced by it. Good things are here: there are also derived categories of silk which might cut some cost if you can’t afford to get the pure silk. Some popular silk types include Dupion Silk, Silk Charmeuse, and Silk Crepe De Chine.


Rayon linings are also known as Bemberg. It is closer to silk and could be the next best choice for your jacket’s inner decoration. You can get the wonderful gliding experience on your sleeves while donning and doffing your jackets. It is non-static, breathable and drapes well around your body. Cost of Rayon Linings comes next to Silk; therefore, it is found more in ready-made jackets. It requires tailoring expertise in laying the linings nicely against the key areas to restrain from stretchy bulges. You may go for some printed rayon linings to add an adorable flair to your jackets, as these linings would playfully shine through the front opening of your jackets.

Rayon / Viscose lining jacket


Cotton is slightly heavier and extremely breathable. If you want something light, comfy and inexpensive at the same time then cotton lining would be a thing for you. However, unlike viscose and silk linings, cotton makes an unpleasant drag to your clothes as it is sticky and wraps adherently on your bodice. But it is pretty economical and also warmer to use in leather jackets. The only thing you will need to take care is the wrinkles and crinkles. So, make sure you take a regular care to make it last longer.

Cotton Lining Jacket


Polyester compared to Rayon has more gloss and less resilient, yet it slides very smoothly. Polyester linings are great for winter jackets. It breaths not so well, thus keep the body warm inside and give you soothing comfort in the chilly winter environs. Polyester linings might not be the good choice for warmer seasons as you will end up perspiring after a couple of hours of wearing it. But sure, if it is about enjoying the fullest of winter then it is a must-to-have feature to include in your leather jackets.

Polyester lining jacket


These seemingly fluffy and stuffy shearling jackets are even lighter and less bulky than it looks. Shearlings are made from Lambskin or Sheepskin, thus a delicacy and suppleness can be taken for guaranty. This uniform fleece material feels extremely soft and comfortable and due to the high quality, it grants enough warmth to enjoy the nippy days in the polar areas. Shearling jackets are thus expensive and considered luxurious and a perfect material to use for linings in heavy jackets.

Shearling coats


Satin linings are easy to wear and comfortable. It is a bit weighty than other lining materials but widely found in leather jackets and costumes. It is best to provide a structure and supports to your jacket from inside and gives a draped feel to your body. If the weather is extremely cold then try adding a flannel backing to make it warmer and cozier.

satin lining jackets

There aren’t limited fabrics for linings but in fact, there are endless options to choose from many types of materials used for inner linings in jackets and coats. From cheapest and readily used polyester to precious silk, there is a reasonable variation of price and quality, so you may find many varieties – each contain its own comfort-serving attributes. At leatherJacket4 you can select from any type of linings for your custom made leather jackets.


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