Emma Swan is primarily a fictional character from the TV series “Once Upon a Time” whose first season was published in October 2011. The series is based on enchanting stories and is full of fictional characters referring to different fairy tales. It has been proclaimed that the first six seasons of this series have been arranged in the imaginary town Maine. While, the seventh season has been filmed in Seattle, US. The story orbits around the principal character Emma Swan who endeavored to help the other characters in getting their memories back which they lost after the sinister affliction by Regina (evil queen).
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As she has been seen as mimicking the role of the very popular and appreciated fictional character Snow White, only she was the one to eradicate the scourge and bring back the tranquillity amidst the people cursed by Regina. The role of Emma Swan is performed by a famous actress of the Hollywood Jennifer Morrison. The character of Emma Swan was considerably cherished by people by virtue of her endurance and firmness with tremendous audacity to combat the evil and confront difficult circumstances.
Besides her gallant nature, people also liked her way of carrying apparel. She has been seen wearing a sumptuous black leather jacket lined with faux fur that was supplemented with a hoodie. She was looking drop-dead gorgeous while wearing that jacket. She has also been seen wearing some other attires but the receptivity and commendation this particular jacket earned are beyond justification.

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