A B3 bomber jacket which is also known as a flight jacket was originally manufactured for pilots and aircrew but later on, as time passed it became an integral part of the apparel. Let’s walk back some centuries ago. During the first world war, the jets which were used by the pilots of the Royal army were not supplemented with a covered cockpit which used to cause great trouble to the fighting crew. In order for them to keep warm and stable during that chilly atmosphere, they were provided with leather made fighter jackets established by Aviation Clothing Board (1917). Those heavy-duty leather bomber jackets were lined with extremely warm and comfortable shearling to keep their bodies sufficiently warm.

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 During world war II, Leslie Irvin was the one who designed and manufactured classical leather fighter jackets by using sheepskin. He was known to be the major supplier of the bomber jackets to the Royal Air Force during the world war II. The variation we see now in bomber jackets is mainly because of some other subcontractors along with Irvin due to the increasing demand at that time as well as to date. The invention of bomber jackets put a mild stone in the history of the U. S especially during the war as it made it easier for them to counter-attack from up to thousands to meters above the ground making it possible for them to bear -50°C.

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Originally, a variety of bomber jacket was devised including A-2, G-1, M-445 and many more. Some of them were eradicated so as to invent something more valuable and beneficial while others were canceled by U.S Navy General as their demand in the fashion industry was tremendously increasing which overwhelmed and burdened the RAF clothing board. Keeping the harsh circumstances ahead B-3 bomber jackets were originated by using heavy-duty leather material with large wraparound high-stand collar and internally overlaid with shearling. Bomber jackets got widely accepted in the fashion industries mainly after the famous Hollywood movie “Top Gun”. Another factor that provided the esteem to these divine jackets was an incident in which a world record of bombing from above the 40, 000 in a jet lacking cockpit was set up by John A. Macready who was carrying this particular bomber jacket to keep his body warm.

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 A variety of bomber jackets have been designed by a famous leather jacket merchandiser “LeatherJacket4”. B3 bomber men leather jacket is one of them. The jacket is made by using pre-eminent and finest quality leather which is internally lined with excellently soft and luxurious viscose quilted lining to keep your body comfortable and warm in an acutely jarring atmosphere marked by ferociously cold breezes. It has a high-stand collar with a hoodie and an adjustable clasp thereby impeding the cold air from entering the body. The bomber jacket is augmented with a front central zipper closure which beautifully matches its layout. There is a belt with an adjustable buckle at the hemline to make it a perfect fit together with hampering the harsh effects of a mutilating climate. 


 Other than being such a beneficial and propitious apparel, it is also a serviceable attire when it comes to attending themed parties and friends’ gatherings. This particular jacket could be carried in almost any occasion presenting its eye-catching beauty to the audience. If you want to have something chic like that in your wardrobe then place an order now.


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