B3 Shearling Leather Jacket


The idea for B3 shearling coats comes from the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom. Let us remember the bravery and daring of British Army troops who were always adamant and zealous about sacrificing their lives to benefit their sovereign state. To claim that "they are the strongest of all the allies of history" is not an unreasonable expression. Leatherjacket4 has developed some B3 shearling bomber jackets with inspiration from the Royal Army to pay respect to them and preserve their legacy alive. The shearling coats depict the country's army's bravery and hardship and are the essence of British valor throughout WWII.

The aviator RAF B3 leather jacket is primarily made to the Irvin Airchute Co. pattern (1938), which depicts the British Royal Air Force's bravery during World War II. This carefully embroidered object exemplifies boldness and brings out one's charismatic hero instincts. Genuine sheep wool and sheep leather make up the jacket. The original leather is present on the exterior, with a thick glossy fake fur shearling inside lining that extends to the sleeves. The bomber jacket is designed to protect the body from harsh weather conditions to some extent. The collars, which are all made of wool, keep the body warm and provide additional coverage.

The jacket's faux fur lining is quite fashionable. It has two hands warmer cross pockets with flaps and one mobile pocket, making the costume extremely practical. A front zipper runs over the wind flap collar and performs an excellent job of matching the jacket's appearance and elegance. The brown hue of the pilot jacket adds to the outfit's beauty and grace, making it appropriate for individuals of all ages. It has a leather belt at the waist and sleeves with zippers, making it suitable for nearly any body type. Quilted sleeves provide another interesting aspect to this B-3 jacket, making it appear even more light and voluminous. The aviator jacket is constructed of high-quality leather that will last for a long time.


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