Bad Quality Leather Jackets

It’s a common notion among people that leather jacket is always long-term investment irrespective of its quality and craftsmanship, but this is not true to some extent for all leather products available in market, since leather is also classified in respective categories of quality based on tanning types, chemicals processes and stitching fineness. But in the age of online shopping it is hard to pick the best among bulks of similar products online having distinct prices, which seems well from its outer appearance but all the glitters are not gold so it is hard to extract the best among all of them. Thus, it is essential to ascertain the true difference between high-quality and low-quality leather garments if you wish to invest sensibly in lifelong leather jackets.

Leather can decline from its rugged nature with time only if it is not treated professionally and by not abiding the adequate standards to hone its natural longevity through technical processes at the time of manufacturing which perhaps lend you to the risk of losing money.

You have to be sure while selecting leather jacket whether if it has a potential to withstand against the test of time while wearing in possibly adverse condition or else it could leave you repent over your decision in buying eye-flattery below budget offers made by some companies.

Hence, you have to be wise and always look for the fresh piece of leather jacket which is made up of goatskin and cow-skin of prime quality and never get trapped with lucrative low budget offers to compromise on quality, because Leather jackets with below average prices are usually prepared with secondhand or recycled leather garments after poor conditioning of dying and stitching – it does not only lessen the aesthetics of the product but also it may leave some contagious skin disease such as Chickenpox and other severe allergies and inflammations to cost far more than you had saved before. Moreover, you may also be tricked by selling ill-reputed pig-skin leather that lacks the usual rigorous trait of leather which makes it susceptible to ripping off easily and it could get worsen when it starts smelling after a while.

Leather is an organic material so it has to first undergo thorough the complex process of tanning and chemical layering in order to develop high quality and health cautious material and achieve the required level of excellence before preparing everlasting leather jackets, but there are some companies which never hesitate to cut the corners and poorly economize the prices to deceivingly sustain in the market by avoiding respective international SOPs.

Tanning is a sensitive process and require lots of effort and perfection in handling the proportion of chromium, tanning liquor, acids and bases solvents, azo dyes and other strong chemicals which are used in modern tanning techniques, if these chemicals got mishandled anyway it may run the risk of several ailments in human. It looks all fine initially, but as the leather ages, the routine exposures to heat and water render it to get reactive and could cause terrifying outcomes in the form of lung irritation and carcinogen - as chromium is linked with some serious diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, pharyngitis. Moreover, if a leather jacket gets wet and dry promptly, it starts spewing the fat-liquor used in tanning process leaving hazy stains all over the surface of leather. This white spew can be cleaned for short period of time but never goes-off permanently and reappears again and again.

It is always advised to wear azo free leather and avoid these kind of ill-manufactured leather jackets often available at cheap prices to lure the perspective buyers, these mishaps caused by inadequate practices of ISO standards which definitely skimp the cost of leather production.

When it comes to leather it is all about the quality and lasting persistence, therefore you must stick to reliable leather seller at reasonable prices and embrace the real feel of natural leather.


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