Hollywood science fiction - Blade Runner 2049 is one of the masterpiece of cinematography by Danis Villeneuve. The first trailer holds all the spellbinding constituents to completely glued your attention with its scintillating visual oeuvres. The brilliant art of camerawork with cunning angles subconsciously sets the mesmerizing feel in your mind while watching it. The story revolves around the Ryan Gosling – the Oscar nominated actor, who has seen extremely confident and stunning in the movie wearing high collared rakish trench coat, has now become the new sartorial guide for style grabbers. This trench coat seems to be praised more compared to dystopian plot of the movie for all the good reasons, the trench coat has all in one potential to hold the grace, style, beauty and elegance, it gives the complete different flavor to the men’s winter wear, since the coat doesn’t seem ordinary, having a style of casual and formal at the same time make it a perfect choice to lift graceful self of you.

Ryan Gosling as an Officer k. while unfolding the mystery of replicant, has also solved the mystery for men having a bland sense of style. This long trench coat is all in all the savage to your ruined dress up, it covers you through the height and completely transform the way you conduct yourself.

leatherJacket4 is always in search to find ways where you can groom your personality and improve the sense of style you own. Our hardworking and expert jacket tailors always try their best to craft every piece a masterpiece. Leatherjacket4’s bestselling Ryan Goslings trench coat from the movie blade runner is true example of it. We have taken this opportunity to present you Officer K’s jacket in affordable price. Be like Officer K. and keep warm and comfy in this winter. You can see detailed features of it at our online stores where you can easily place an order to buy with best ever price.


• 100% Real Lamb Leather.
• Body lining: 100% Faux Shearling.
• Sleeve lining: 100% Viscose.
• Original YKK zips.

• High quality gun metal Accessories.
• 35 gram air & water resistant padding.
• All accessories are Eco-friendly and safe from health hazzard chemicals.
• Its Lead/Cadmium/Nickel/Arsenic free.