Robert Craig Knevel was born on 17 October 1938 and was well recognized as "Evel Knievel". He was a remarkable stunt player and an astounding entertainer. During the interval of his career, he ventured more than 75 ramp-to-ramp jumps which caused him to be appreciated by people. He was an extraordinarily talented and skillful stunt performer that he never halts to steal the show whenever he exhibited any of his skills.


Besides his extremely outstanding performances, some other traits of his personality were also profoundly praised by the people. One of the most appealing aspects of his personality was the jacket he used to wear in some of his shows while manifesting his expertise with a commendable tendency. In many of his live performances, he has seen wearing a white leather jacket embellished with red and blue stripes with stars and an EK logo which for most of the people is acknowledged as his signature attire.


 LeatherJacket4 has designed an "Evel Knievel leather jacket" by utilizing leather of laudable quality from the praiseworthy sources. The intramural side of the jacket is lined with sumptuously soft and luxurious viscose quilted lining to provide you with an additional layer of comfort and ease. The distinctive feature that makes this attire a unique pick is the adornment of blue and red stripes carrying stars within. The stripes present on the chest, back and hemline contribute to a greater extent in maximizing the charm and glamour of the jacket. Besides these peculiarities, it has a characteristic logo on its hemline and sleeves saying "EK". Also, there is a patch that is made as a digit “1” on one of its arms, making the attire a bit chicer. The jacket is supplemented with a shirt collar followed by a central symmetrical zipper closure that perfectly justifies its look.

The Evel Knievel men biker leather jacket is undoubtedly a preferred attire for any cosplay event that one could plump for. The jacket possesses an unbeatable enthusiasm and rage that is not going to stop making you the center of attention. So, grab an Evel Knievel jacket and get ready to shine in the eyes of viewers.


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