Copper Metallic Women Biker Leather Jacket

Initially, the biker jackets were introduced by Schott Perfecto in 1928 from where it started taking its modern interpretation. The asymmetrical closure, zipper cuffs, epaulets, and flapped pockets are some of the characteristic features of a typical biker jacket that were also present in perfecto. Old aged classic biker jackets were designed in a more sophisticated manner having detailing right from quilting to the distressed treatment. Moto jackets that are being designed nowadays have a much more dominating impact in the fashion industry by virtue of its wide range and look it has taken on.


 It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that biker jackets are not only meant to provide you warmth and composure in the cold and ungracious environment but they are also designed in such a way so as to provide you with sufficient protection and stability while riding a bike. Copper metallic women biker jacket designed by leatherjacket4 is indeed an article that acts as a protecting shield and also ensures comfort and style. It is difficult to ignore women wearing black but it would be even more strenuous to take no notice of a woman wearing this beautiful metallic copper color leather jacket.


The copper metallic women leather jacket has been internally lined with soft and luxurious viscose quilted lining to provide you ultimate warmth and an additional layer of composure and serenity. The color of this particular jacket is exceptionally tantalizing leaving everyone mesmerized by your look. It has its typical biker style zipper and flapped collar. The pockets of copper metallic moto racer jacket possess a zipper closure and are sufficiently capacious allowing you to take your belonging with you everywhere. Interestingly, the copper metallic moto jacket has a warm hue that is stitched in remarkably praiseworthy material that despite being a leather jacket it is surprisingly lightweight and cozy.


You can pair this up with a nice pair of black jeans and boots. The color of the copper metallic jacket makes it so much adaptable that you can drape it over any t-shirt of your choice and it will surely go well with any combination of clothing. A biker jacket is not only reserved for punks and rock rider, rather it could be displayed by any individual regardless of age or body type. A biker jacket is indubitably a wardrobe staple for anybody however if you lack a biker jacket then there should always be a room for biker jackets in your wardrobe as they never cease to enhance your personality.  



  1. My personal experience says that original leather is like your second skin. I mean you will be wearing something leather whether it is a full leather suit, gloves, boots or jacket. You feel comfortable. I guessed that when I got an original leather copper metallic jacket from leatherjacket4.

  2. Copper Metallic Jacket is one of the greatest jacket i've bought from leatherjacket4 it's copper metallic color finishing make this jacket more beautiful.


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