How to replenish your old leather jacket.

We all acknowledge that genuine leather jackets are among our most expensive clothing articles and they need to be revitalized every now and then so that you can carry them more confidently. When you keep on wearing a single leather jacket over and over again, it tends to dry out and the color soon begins to fade. You may find your jacket looking a bit worn out and all you need to do is to toil hard to make your leather jacket look the way it originally did. The process is not as difficult as it seems. It just requires a few leather preservatives and a little more other things to do the job.

The method that is listed below could be employed for the jacket of any color and it will restore the jacket to its original glory in just a few hours.

Step number 1:

Place your jacket on a flat surface in an upright position and remove the creases using your fingers. Undone all the buttons and belts so that every single area would be equally exposed to the treatment.
One of the best equipment in the cleaning procedure is the horse’s hairbrush or a simple shoe brush made up of a horse’s hair. Horse’s hair brushes are used to polish leather without damaging their buttery tactile. So, grab a horse-hair brush and start brushing your jacket with light and even strokes. The same procedure will be applied for the backside. Flip your jacket, smoothen with fingers and brush it off. It really helps to remove small dust particles without deteriorating the texture.

Step number 2:

Using a damp cloth also contributes a lot to the treatment. Take a damp cloth and make sure it won’t be sloughing any specks of lint. Start wiping the entire surface area of the jacket to pull off any residual dirt from the jacket. People prefer using a micro-fiber cloth but if you are not having one you can also use any of your old cotton Tee.

Step number 3:

A variety of leather preservatives are available in the market that you can have access easily to leather goods shops. It would be imperative to go for a neutral-colored preservative that should be made up of wax. It not only moisturizes your leather jacket but also makes it waterproof and guard your outfit against scratches and further wear and tear. Moreover, leather is a porous material as it has been derived from animal skin, it absorbs a considerable amount of preservative and restores the luster of your jacket.

Step number 4:

You need to have full knowledge of the products you are using on your jacket. It is important to test whether your jacket is compatible with the preservative that you are going to apply to the leather. Always test a small hidden area of the leather jacket by applying a small amount of preservation if that does not work for you, you may switch brand or type of preservation depending upon the composition. A good quality preservative does not cause any harm to the color or polish of the jacket.

Step number 5:

One of the most important points to ponder here is that you have to apply the products using your hands as the leather is an organic material and so are our hands. The heat generated by your hands when you slightly rub the preservatives allows better absorption. Also, the massage that you give your jacket aids in vanishing the scratches and scuffs making it considerably smoother than before. A blow-dryer along with gentle rubbing will help in removing bigger scratches.

It is not a bad idea to invest in a leather jacket as they transform your whole persona in an instant. Grab some really durable and stylish leather jackets and steal the show because now you know how to carry and care for a jacket and make it lasts longer.


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