Sheepskin B-3 Bomber Jacket

Created for pilots and airmen, the B3 bomber jacket, also known as a flying jacket, became an essential part of the uniform over time. Let's travel back a few years. The Royal army pilots' jets were not outfitted with a covered cabin during the First World War, which presented severe complications for the battle crowd. They were given leather-crafted fighter jackets designed by Aviation Clothing Board to keep warm and stable in such a frigid environment (1917). To keep their bodies tight, they wore heavy-duty leather bomber jackets lined with incredibly warm and comfortable shearling.

Leslie Irvin designed and manufactured traditional sheepskin fighter coats during WWII. During WWII, he was a major supplier of bomber jackets to the Royal Air Force. The existing diversity in bomber jackets is primarily due to increased demand by certain other subcontractors, as well as Irvin, at the time and since.

Wearing the warmest and most attractive B3 bomber jacket with the rough classic shearling sheepskin bomber will have you successfully navigate the most extreme winter weather in style. This jacket is a rare find. It's crafted from the best and most expensive sheepskin leather. It includes complete soft shearling on the inside. The B3 Bomber jacket was created to aid American bomber aircrews in dealing with inclement weather, but it has since grown into a fashionable item for passionate adventurers. Our B-3 Bomber provides weather protection on a scale you've never seen before.

Shearling lapel collars and full-length fur lining under sleeves and on cuff edges distinguish the B3 Bomber jacket. While zipping up and down, the heavy-duty YKK zipper makes a machinic noise. To improve body isolation from the chilly environment, there are two buckle fastening hood adjusters. Two inside pockets, as well as two crossing waist pockets, are spacious enough to store your valuables.


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