Tom DeLonge Angels and Airwaves Jacket


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The Angel and Airways Jacket, also known as the Tom DeLonge Angels and Airwaves Jacket, was inspired by the legendary guitarist and vocalist 'Tom DeLonge' of the band 'angel and airways.' Tom was a gifted musician with a mesmerizing voice. People were inspired not just by his voice, but also by the way he dressed. To make it more pleasurable for consumers, LeatherJacket4 created a jacket similar to the one worn by Tom, made of high-quality leather and lined with a soft and rich viscose quilted lining packed with 35 grams of foam. The jacket has a mid-stand collar with a snap button and a central zipper closure, all of which look well with the jacket's structure.

The jacket is created in a biker style and features a unique emblem for the band 'angel and airways' on the front. It includes patch designs on the sleeves and back, as well as a little American flag manufactured on one of the zipper closing cuffs, giving it a stunning look. It has two front longitudinal pockets and two interior pockets for keeping your valuables near to you at all times. Another patch is placed right above the hemline of the jacket to make it seem more voguish and trendy. The overall look of the jacket is quite appealing, and it would be great to wear it to a theme party or a casual night out. So, get yourself a Tom DeLonge angel and airways jacket and stock your closet with real leather.