Different Design Patterns on Leather!

Have you ever enjoyed a cloth but couldn't remember how to describe it so you could find it again? Florals, stripes, and geometrics are well-known, but fabric trends don't end there. Over the years, we've learnt a lot about materials, including the names of a wide range of types and designs. As a result, we've prepared a list of frequent pattern names along with some information about each one.


Matélassé is a French word that means quilted or padded. A matelassé has a raised pattern that resembles padded, quilted, or embossed, which makes sense. Although they look to be padded, matelassé designs are not actually padded. Matelassés come in various solid colors and are ideal for cushions, beds, other decorative items, and clothes and jackets.


This design is influenced by Gothic and Renaissance architecture. The word quatrefoil comes from the Latin word for "four leaves," The pattern is reminiscent of a four-leaf clover. The "barbed quatrefoil," which is squarer, and the "slipped" quatrefoil, which has a tiny stem, are two varieties of the quatrefoil. Window curtains, cushions, and wallpaper feature this design, but you can also add this pattern to your apparel, like jackets.


Shepherds in the Scottish lowlands were the first to wear this traditional check. It's a two-tone pattern with uneven rows of dark and light yarns. The variable design resembles the appearance of a dog's tooth, hence the term houndstooth. Houndstooth is a popular pattern for outerwear and clothes, but it also works well in upholstery.


Chevrons are a zigzag stripe pattern that has been popular in the United States for decades. The inverted V form used in military insignia inspired the term chevron. In reality, the motif can be found on pottery and rock sculptures dating back to 1800 B.C. Chevrons are a bright and playful fabric used for pillows, window treatments, and clothes like jackets.


Ikat is a term that refers to a dyeing and weaving technique rather than a pattern. Ikat is derived from the Malay word "mengikat," meaning "to tie." The threads are tied before they are dyed to generate motifs subsequently woven into the cloth in this centuries-old method. Ikat fabrics are known for their blurred edges, which this approach achieves. As a result, most of today's ikats are actually ikat-inspired designs.


Dot/Polka Dot

Dot or polka dot fabrics are those with a repeating pattern of large or small scale dots on the cloth. These come in a variety of colors.


Tartan is a cloth with various bars or stripes of color that cross at right angles (sometimes in varying thicknesses). It's usually made of wool or cotton and has vertical and horizontal color bands.



Gingham is a small-scale plaid that looks plaid but has vertical and horizontal overlapping lines of the same thickness and color.

Greek Key

The Greek Key is an interlocking rectangular design made up of one continuous line that has its origins in ancient history.



A zigzag design with a lot of colors. It usually consists of four different colored strands. The multiple colored stitches are stitched in a sequence of stepped, crooked lines to create the "flame" appearance.



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