If you are a true fanatic of the leather jacket, you always count days till the winter arrive and you finally get a chance to dig into your wardrobe to take out your favourite leather jackets and flaunt your aura. However, if you do not have a leather jacket then that will be a time for you to wonder in market places or run through online pages and websites to get yourself a chic leather jacket as per your temperament.

Whatever could be the situation, we know what ambiguity regarding the clothing feels like especially when you are going to buy something for the very first time. Putting faith could be troublesome sometimes. Keeping these concerns ahead leatherjacket4 has worked on these issues and put forward in your service a really helpful write-up that could be taken into consideration to rectify the scepticism regarding leather jackets.

Leather jackets are profoundly versatile that they could be carried by people of all body contours and sizes. A leather jacket is not only supposed to fit a person having perfect curves and exquisitely carved body rather, anyone can wear a leather jacket with complete conviction and leave the rest of the work of your transformation to the jacket. It not only make you look stylish but also heighten your self-esteem in just a small frame of time. However, a leather jacket will not make you feel jubilant if you do not consider your body measurements while placing order. If a jacket doesn’t fit well, what is the point of pouring all that money?

Consider the following points if you really want to have a perfect fitting:

Shoulders: the stitching between the line of the shoulder and sleeve should lie on the point where your shoulder ends. If the seam is too high it could result in tightness and if the seam falls below your shoulder it could result in a loose-fitting as you won’t feel comfortable in that jacket. Angel and Airways leather jacket below is an example of how precise the shoulders and sleeves of your leather jacket should be

Sleeves: your sleeves should not be tight enough to hinder the movement of your arm and not baggy enough to make your jacket look borrowed. It should fit accurately and end on your wrist.

Length: a leather jacket should always line up with your waist-band or hemline. However, if you are a woman, a smaller jacket will also work well for you. Consider this blue moto racer leather jacket for a reference.

How can you tell if a leather used is genuine?

Smell it: leather has a distinct smell that is uniquely distinguished when you happen to smell it. This smell is typical for genuine leather and couldn’t be artificially incorporated into fake leather.

Look for porous textures and scars: A genuine leather possesses blemishes and it full of pores symbolising the fact that it has been obtained from animal hide. The scars and imperfections are typical for an organism to acquire in its endurance and in case of cowhide they can readily be visualized. When it comes to fake leather, no doubt they are manufactured in good quality as well however, they could not be given pores and texture similar to those that are present on genuine leather.

Flame: real leather can never catch fire. It may smell like burning hair but can not get burnt itself. On the contrary, synthetic leather is more likely to catch fire.

Absorbent nature: a real leather tends to absorb water by virtue of its porous nature. While an artificial leather let the water puddle way.

Pricing: A real leather is indeed an extravagant article of clothing but it can worth every penny you spend on it.

Rehash your worn-out leather:

Leather jackets are big enough that if they become worn-out in some area, they can be reutilized to make some other items out of them.

Notebook cover or diary: make your notebooks chic and sturdy by layering them up using a leather cover.

A simple wallet: a leather jacket can be used for fabricating a simple and decent wallet with minimalistic detailing. Just as you want it to be.

DIY leather jewellery: A shabby leather apparel can be utilized for making ornaments, chokers, wrist bands and much more.

Treat your leather jacket rightly:

Keep it clean: use a damp cloth to eliminate dirt from your leather jacket.

Avoid using chemicals: do not use chemicals on your jacket. Always test a small area before applying any cleaner.

Dodge the use of hot iron: Do not employ the use of hot iron to remove crumbles rather, swinging it using an appropriate hanging instrument will get the job done.

Use leather conditioners: instead of applying detergents, use leather conditioners to replenish them a bit.

Where can you buy a good leather jacket from:

You can always count on leatherjacket4 to grasp leather jackets that are not only stylish and sturdy but also accessible in remarkably affordable rates.


The price of a good leather jacket can range anywhere from $200 to $2000. This price varies with the design accordingly. You can find a plethora of affordable leather jacket on leatherjacket4.


When it comes to colours assortment, it is a sole inclination. Formerly, leather jackets are available in few fundamental colours like black, brown, earthy. However, in this contemporary world, you can find a broad variety regarding the colours of leather jackets. Moreover, the distressed or waxed leather jacket has also become part of the fashion world.


You can buy a chic leather jacket by considering the aforementioned guide. Also, if you do have any queries regarding any matter you can contact the service providers of leatherjacket4. we will be glad to serve you. Stop fearing and get yourself a chic leather jacket because you deserve to be praised. 




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