Tips about decorating your leather jacket

There can be huge diversity found when leather jackets are dealt with. Considering the silhouette of leather jackets, there is a lot to talk about. Since from the inception of their approval in the fashion world it has been developed into a varying assortment of colours and designs and still is being manufactured in different styles as per one’s mindset.  We are very much familiar with the colours and styles of leather jackets and coats available in market places and online stores but it would always be a good idea to take this experience to the next level.

Now, talking about taking your leather apparel to a whole new level that not only complements your [personality but also holds some of the features that are solely chosen by you so that you can express your true self by carrying your attire. Get ready to learn about how you can add certainly decorative features of your choice in your leather apparel to make them highlight you even more.


Below are some cool ideas that you can employ to create your very own leather jacket with your kind of decorative adornments by following a few simpler steps. It may seem a laborious task but leatherjacket4 allows you to have your hands on your very own customized leather jackets and coat.

Embroidered detailing:

Embroidery on a leather jacket has always proved to be efficient in taking leather apparel to the next level. It is the most popular kind of augmentation that people prefer and when it is personalized according to your own wish then surely it is a feather on a cap. It may sound deep-rooted but you can always rely on your state of mind about what kind of embroidery do you want. It could be a flower, could be your favourite character, could be a music element, a band name, any favourite number or your name. Embroidered your apparel to show your admiration for certain things.

Patched detailing:

Patchwork is another one of the brilliant ideas that you can think of when it comes to decorating your leather jacket. Adorn it with a singular patch or make it a reminiscent of 90s by the amalgamation of different patches. The idea seems a bit older but versatile enough to enhance your vogue yet being classy.  The patches could be of anything that hits your mind. Decorate your leather jacket with a favourite military patch or a floral aesthetic patchwork, everything works delightfully well when you follow your temperament.


Seamed detailing:

Then there comes seamed detailing that allows you to enhance the charm of your leather jacket like never before. The seamed pattern referred to the stitched detailing on the leather jacket that creates a specific pattern of quilting or smoking. Seamed detailing is seen in cosplay jackets as well as different celebrity attire and gradually uplifted its place in the fashion industry to a subsequent position.



Formerly people used to carry a leather jacket in a few colour combinations like black, brown and earthy colours but just as the modernization grew, the fashion world becomes more and more versatile and now accommodates thousands of trends and dyeing is one of those prominent trends. Leather jackets could be dyed as per one’s own choice. You can get any kind of leather jacket or coat regardless of its origin in a variety of hues and tones. So, get ready to grab your very own leather jacket in a shade that you cherished the most.


Studs detailing:

Studs are perhaps the most ageless decorative element when it comes to beautifying leather jackets. Metal studs are available in different shadings and styles and have been evolved to a much greater extent to match the vogue of the modern era yet revoking the reminiscence of 90s. Choose your metal studying in spherical studs or flat or cone-shaped. Spice your cynosure with these eye-catching elements.

As per the aforementioned ideas, leatherjacket4 is always excited to toil with customers who admire to create new articles of clothing by a few modifications and embellishments.





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