Diamond quilting coat


Everyone in the world wishes to be dressed according to their personal preferences. So, coat aficionados! Consider if you want to create your coat. Coats have been popular since the early eighteenth century and are widely regarded as one of the most elegant and graceful outfits. Originally, they were made of cotton and wool, but with time, they have evolved to include fabrics such as leather and viscose quilted padding. People believe that during WWI, trench coats were mostly used as a replacement for the bulky broad serge greatcoats.

Women's winter wear exudes real elegance. This classic winter long coat mixes archive inspiration with a dash of contemporary style. A mid-length coat is ideal for the winter because it provides a protective shield against the cold. When you're fully clothed, having a flat fitting gives you plenty of space for your innerwear. An easy-to-drape style is ideal for a daily stroll in the park.

It is made of high-quality genuine leather for long-term durability. The five large buttoned front closure adds to the overall elegance, while the diamond quilting textures make it slightly casual, but due to the mild color tone, it can also be worn as a formal outfit. Sleeves are self-adjustable and have a narrow cut with round cuffs. To keep the design simple, two side pockets are concealed under the stitching slits. Premium grade viscose linings are incorporated for optimal comfort and warmth, providing a gliding experience as you pull it up to your shoulders.


  1. I bought this quilted coat months ago and I can surely say it was the best choice I had made.

  2. Diamond Quiling Coat is an astounding coat to wear, it is comforting, warming and made with great quality leather.


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